What are some good "age related" crafts for a 2 year old?

Rachel - posted on 08/10/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am a young first time mom, I was the youngest of three (only girl as well), have no nieces or nephews, and haven't had any friends that have had kids before me. Better yet, all of my friends that have children have had them quite a bit after me. . .

I have always been really good at doing crafty things, however I have never done anything specific to toddlers, nor do I really fully know how much I should trust my daughter with. I am mainly just wanting feedback and/or ideas on some good age related crafts for her. Anything is welcomed and appreciated.


Mary - posted on 12/12/2010




I would start with sprout online they have tons of crafts and things to cook with your child for preschooler. We just made paper Mexican flowers off there site and my son loved it. Also he enjoyed giving his grammy and Nana flowers he made. Also check out nick jr online too. Right now they have a great picture frame ornament on there that is made out of felt a printed picture and glue stick with plastic gems. As long a your child is doing it with you there should be no problems. At 2 I would stay away from anything that use glitter glue or liquid glue because bad things can happen. ...lol
See if you can find a copy of kids creations too. They have great crafts for young kids and old too. Most times it is using things you already have around the house. We love bubble painting and making our own scartch and sniff paint just to name a few,

Julie - posted on 08/22/2010




buy some poster paints and glue and lots of things from the craft shop. even pasta that you have in the house. sit with her and spend some quality time painting and sticking things to make pictures. if you bake she can help make buns and decorate them. the things you can think of for boys is what girls do as well. my son loved baking and decorating a cake specialy for daddy coming home and was so proud of his acheivement. if you visit your local art and craft shop they have age related sets that you can look at for ideas or look on the internet.


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Colette - posted on 05/23/2014




I oversee Story Time and Crafts once a month at a local mall near Los Angeles, Ca and the little ones love crafts!
Washable markers and glue dots are the best! The glue dots are great because they aren't gooey and drippy....and the washable markers - well, they easily wash off everything!
I notice the 2 year old's love the repetition of peeling and sticking (glue dots, or stickers or stringing giant beads). With a little loving participation from the parent or caregiver they can really stay focused, too.
Some of the tots favorite projects have been: stringing jump ropes with giant plastic beads, using peel and stick foam shapes to decorate things, using markers and crayons to color in giant cardboard shapes (one week we had bug shapes, another guitar shapes, another bunnies that we glued cotton balls on...we have the craft theme relate to the story read)
Anyway hope that helps!
A lot of malls near LA generously provide family fun days. I entertain at Westfield Mall in Santa Anita...Feel free to swing by with your little one if you are local! It's a lot of fun...and...a great reason to get out of the house!
If you need more info give me a shout.

Jaylin - posted on 04/07/2011




my daughter is 2 and we just started incorprating glue into our craft time. its a different texture and its sticky. she loves it. we started by "painting " the glue with a paintbrush than stick colored cotton balls different colored paper, little jewels from the craft store. keeps her entertained for awhile:-) also we are very into stickers so we have started to create sticker books.

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