Help! My mother in law does drugs and smokes..

Victoria - posted on 07/28/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My MIL is manipulative and has no morals. She watches a friends daughter and the little girl pretends she smokes cigarettes with pens, to the point where she tries to light the pen herself. My MIL smokes weed in front of her as well! I try to get along with her for the sake of my boyfriend and I's relationship, because i feel like if i really say what i want i will go nuts! She is 7 months pregnant and nothing has changed! She buys a new phone for her self and she hasn't bought a single thing for her future son. She was going to have her new couches reop-ed last time we stopped by. She borrows money for her rent (which is really low) and my boyfriends dad makes some pretty decent money. She even had the guts to ask my boyfriend to borrow money "because he has a good job now" after we were just getting back on our feet from loosing BOTH our jobs. Not to mention she talks about how she wishes she was a pregnant stripper because a lot of men are into that and she could make a lot of money in the back room if she wanted... WHO SAYS THAT!

my boyfriend and I are totally in love and we have been thinking of conceiving, but I don't know how to tell her that there is no i will let her babysit! HELP?!


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