Mother in law issues i feel drama coming what are your thoughts and how would you handle it?

Kerri - posted on 06/30/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




about for years ago my MIL had moved out of her boyfriends house because she doesn't like his adult kids and she doesn't want him to have anything to do with them and during that time we was grieving with the loss of her son and her boyfriend wanted to let his kids move onto his land in which she was living on also so she had up and packed her things and moved in with me and my hubby she had stayed in her camper raking up the light bill and butting into my business of where i go and what i do and it had became more less like a news report to my hub of what i do or didn't do and i had felt like my house wasn't mine anymore so during that time she had found& bought her a mobile home but had no where's to put it so i had thought if would ask my dad if she could place it on the family land in which my dad & his bro had let her well a few years later my aunt finds out that she's there and not paying anything in which here recent my aunt who pays for the land taxes has asked her to pay 100 bucks a year just to live on the land in which my MIL refuses to pay so my aunt had asked her if she's not going to pay thin she must move within30days so i go on the look for her some land in which is only 35 grand and it's going to coast more to move her house and my uncle had told her that he would buy her house if she wanted to sell it ( because she is always bitching and whining about how small the house is) well the time is almost up and she wants to hire a lawyer and fight with my aunt about it in which in my case is stuiped and she's talking about buying a camper and moving it back here behind my house again and hubby is letting her and top this all off i'm torn between it all and i don't want anything to-do with it nor dose my dad because he is no longer in good health but MIL and hub wants to drag my dad into it and to be honest i don't want the woman living here again one around is enough because i'm the one that feels like the guest in my own house when all of her kids comes over and mess's up my house and hubs sisters like to start drama in which i void of them and her boyfriend likes to dig into the dumpsters and brings it home to peel the copper out of the things he finds and leaves it out in the yard and it pisses me off at the fact that she's setting on a fat *** savings account and refuses to use it to move her house or buy her own land she wants me and hubs to buy it for her when we are in debt up over our heads and there for im the one that pays for the light bill and water and i'm guessing that she's going to mooch off me while her boyfriend trashes up our yard and her other children freeloads for a free sunday meal she's had so much time to buy her own land but refuses to buy it because it's not free wtf to me it's all stupid i know most people would kill just to have 8 bucks a month for rent and top it all off she gets ssi and help from the welfare office while i bust my *** off to kiss a dollar goodbye what she don't know is i have changed since the last time she has been here and i'm not going to put up with it this time i'm going to lay down some ground rules so i'm asking some of you how would you handle it and what would you do i'm stuck in my own corner and not in anyone elses in my eye's if your living on someones land and they have asked you to do something and you refused yeah you need to move but not at my house and she's going by what my dad had said to her years ago he told her that she could live there until she dies and my aunt wants her to pay i'm confused and ready to scream my head off


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How would I handle it? She gets off your family land and finds and pays for her own land. You speak to your husband and make it clear, you do not want her under your feet, she doesn't get to mooch off of you guys. He needs to put you and your little family unit first. Sounds like she needs a good kick up the jacksie to get her priorities right and sort herself out. Lastly, scream. If it helps you feel better, do it. If your hubby hears you, he might 'get' how stressful and frustrating this is for you.

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