My MIL has gone off the deep end. PLEASE HELP!

Michaela - posted on 10/16/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My husband and I had to move in with her a few months back. Mind you there was already s string of issues between her and I because she "just can't handle the fact another woman is more important in her sons life". Soooo this was a HARD pill to swallow. IN the meantime my husband and I have both landed good, stable jobs again, and our schedules are such that we only need someone to watch our daughter on Fridays. My Mom is retired, and the only one of our two sets of divorced parents that is, so, of course, Sophie goes there on Fridays. We are about to move out in 2 weeks time and my wonderful MIL decide to lie to us about having breast cancer. REALLY!? In the past year I lost my Grandmother to a brain tumor, an Uncle to Leukemia, and Uncle to lung cancer, and a cousin just finished her treatments with Breast cancer a couple months back. I am disgusted and COMPLETELY appauled by her behavior. She has always been a liar. When things are peaceful in her life she creates lies to cause drama....the worst part is, she gets so wrapped up in the lies that she actually not only believes them, but reacts emotionally to them. About 2 months ago she went in for her Mammogram and it did actually show a lump, a very small lump and the biopsy came back non-cancerous. Mind you when she had the biopsy done we "needed to know" where they did it and pulled her boob out to show us the bandage, she winced anytime my daughter moved, and complained about it for days. She had her follow up and everything came back fine, so WHY if she wasn't supposed to go back for 6 months......does she think we will believe they brought her back WEEKS later? There was no talk of it and within a week she had the text, the biopsy and the results. No wincing, no bandage showing, no nothing. It's "very small and I will only need a few radiation treatments" Does she think we are idiots? Now she complains that we don't seem to care about her, that we are not "there for her" through this and she can't believe we are still planning to move out in a couple weeks. That is correct, we are not putting our lives on halt over a lie....simply because you have realized that we are aware you are a liar, and alcoholic, and completely insane. (mind you we let her watch our, at the time 4 month old daughter, for TWO hours while we went to dinner and when we came home she was drunk.......) and has finally come to terms that we may not want to see her much whenwe move. Also meaning she may not see "HER grandbaby" as much as she wants. WE HAVE NOT EVEN MOVED OUT OF HER HOUSE YET and she starts up last night that she is going to be the low man on the todem pole and everyone else will get their day but her. So I asked her if she went out of her way when my husband was young to make sure he saw and each and every one of his grandparents equally every week like we do. Of course I got no response so I told her not to expect anything from us that she was not herself willing to do when Eric was little. This of course just made her angry. I also explained that the only reason we were taking her ANYWHERE on the weekends was to balance the fact that we were living here and Paige got to see her every day. That when we move it will go right back to how it want to see her, you come to us. We are not taking her out of the house 3 out of 7 days a week to see Grandparents. WE WANT OUR TIME TOO. WHO lies about things like BREAST CANCER????????????? Is it horrible I wish it were true so we could be rid of her antics and lies and manipulation?


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Tanya - posted on 12/02/2011




My dad use to say: A leopard can't change its spots!!! How could you trust this woman after such deception?? You can't and neither would I. What a horrible situation!!!

Corinne - posted on 11/17/2011




Wow. I cannot believe she'd lie about something like that, how low can you get? She sounds exactly like my M.I.L, has to lie and manipulate at every turn. And yes, it's horrible to wish it were true, but I know exactly where you're coming from.

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