The demon woman lives a block away!!!

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So my amazing boyfriend and I have been together for 3, almost 4 years now. We are happy as you could imagine. I have 2 girls from a previous marrage that he treats as if they are his own. It's really good that he does, the ex make a point to not ever see them. We are expecting our second child together. Unfortunatly, we lost our first daughter in May, she was still born. Now for the fun stuff. My crazy b***h MIL lives about a block away. She printed in our local newspaper an artical about how she will always miss Olivia and Olivia is the only grandchild she will ever have and that she will forever be the "special child" She got this trashy looking tattoo on her breast with my precious child's name on it before the funeral. Then she went to the local bars and flashed everyone there to show it off, not good because we live in a very small town. Her explaination that went along with it was that if I hadn't done what I did, the baby would still be here. Well crazy b***h, I didn't do a dang thing! She died because I got rediculously high blood pressure, seriously reducing the amount of blood and nutrients that was reaching her. So how is this my fault? When my amazing boyfriend confronted her about all this, she gave him this story about how I'm a terrible person and it's all my fault that Olivia died. It had to have been something I did because I have other children that are just fine. So now she is banned from my house. Now we are 11 weeks along, hoping for the best of course. But can the crazy MIL just be happy for us? Hell no! She has recently called him wanting to inform me that she wants to be in the delivery room. Let me see here, it's my 4th pregnancy. Give or take, it essential happens the same way, it's not my first rodeo. I am pretty sure we got it covered. My mother was never in there for any of my other children! I figure, if you didn't put it in there, you aren't helping get it out, and you ain't giving my good drugs for the pain, you don't need to be there. I mean really, not the best moment for visitors, and random people don't need to be looking at my vag!!! I swear I am tempted to like have prision type security for my new little bundle. Any advice?


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Holy crap, I think we have the same the mother in law. I am pregnant with our first and she expected to be at my appointments, go on the hospital tour, and be in the delivery room. She would never ask if we wanted her to go, she would ask when the appointment was so she could clear her schedule. The main differnece is mine seem to think I am carrying and birthing this child for her. She ASKED us SEVERAL times to name the baby after her if it was a girl and even after giving her the explanation that we were not naming our children after anyone living in our families she continued to ask everytime we saw her. I finally told her that naming your child after someone is a way to honor them, NOT a fullfilled request and that I have a mother too. Needless to say things got bad enough to write a "to the grandparents" letter and we sent it out to all of them. Of course by reminding them of how they were bringing us home and not to expect any unrealistic amount of time with the baby (considering we both come from divorced families) that NO, we she will not need a bssinet or full nersury in her house as we won't be having our two months old staying the night there we managed to take "all the joys of being a grandparent away. As if it's our fault she had unrealstic expectations of what a grandparent is. She is now basically threatening my husband to cut us out because of it. It took me a long time to be able to put my foot down with her and stand my ground, but I'm glad I did. You should too, it won't make it easier in many ways unfortuantely, but long term it should help/. Good luck with this one!!

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Wow sounds like a handful that one :O. I would be rather offended actually. It must be harder since she lives so close!!! My normal advise is to avoid and ignore but I feel that approach would be a rather futile one. You may need to have a 'family meeting' where yourself and your partner discuss this with her. I mean the best you could probably do is to just tell her how awful she has been and how nasty she has been about all the things that have happened. And make sure that your partner says something too otherwise she may get the impression that he hasn't had a say. And as for her being in the delivery room, if you say no, there is not much she could do about it. And I guess the prison security sounds like a good idea now, but I think that it may do more harm than good for your end. Sounds like your best bet is to try and set her out straight before anything gets any more crazy (fingers crossed that doesn't happen). I hope things get better for you. I mean if she has any humanity left....maybe....there may be hope for you yet?

P.S I am terribly sorry for your loss. Hugs and Kisses.

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