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We asked my MIL to move in so i could get a job. We knew she wasn't in great health, but thought she could care for our 2 boys for at least a few hours a day. I don't feel comforable leaving them in her care. I just don't think she could handle it when the boys get roudy. Then theres the fact that she sleeps all day, gets up at 5 or 6pm. Smokes in the house... That is the worst. And she won't take it outside. She doesn't get it, there are four non-smokers in the house. I don't want it in here, but she complains she can't get downstairs everytime she needs to smoke, and then Hub says something to the contrary.... He doesn't do it on purpose, but geez... Then she won't save her ssi money for the things she needs, instead she complains to us about it. She spends most of it on smoke. She doesn't get it, she's not our child we can't buy her everything she needs. I mean she's with the kids so seldom that my kids don't even want kisses or hugs from her. I just needed to vent. Thanks to anyone that got this far.-


Michaela - posted on 02/01/2011




That's terrible! First of all you are giving her a home, and she needs to respect your rules. Even more so she has her grandchildren in that house and should not be exposing them to second hand smoke! Just because she has a vice she can't quit should not affect her grandchildren, or the adults she is living with. I completely understand not trusting your kids with her, I have the same issue with MIL and our child isn't even here yet! (alcoholic) I guess my other question would be, if she can't make it downstairs everytime she wants a cigaerette, how is she supposed to make it down (or up) in case of an emergency with your kids? I would turn a room on the main floor into her bedroom and give her no reason to disrespect you. Good luck and I hope your husband starts defending you!

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