Creating Life Beyond Belief

This community is about approaching pregnancy and birth from a place of connection with God/Source. It will also be an on going assistance to child raising from an holistic position. It will include creative ideas, practical meditations, guides for shaping your thinking, addressing fears and dealing with issues and stigmas relating to single parenting, as well as fun ways to impart healthy skills and outlooks into your childrens' life experience.


Can babies "meditate"?

Keeping Babies Consciously Connected Conscious connection is another term for "meditation" in my book. I am sitting in a beautiful spot (will try to post images). I’m in the...


What Could be More Natural?

Not long after I turned 19, I found myself to be pregnant. Personally, I was quite happy about this even though I was in far less than ideal circumstances. In fact, my...


Having a baby?

Many women face pregnancy amid myriad circumstances and this can give rise to all manner of mixed emotions and concerns. In this community, I want to share from my own...