what is the best thing about being a mom?


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Lucy - posted on 06/11/2010




Teaching my kids about God,unconditional love,spending time with them,hugs,praise,encoragement,smiles....being there for them.They are a joy and a blessing!!!

Sandra - posted on 08/27/2009




My children make me smile everyday even when I am so tired. Hugs and kisses all the time. Most of all hearing your child say night mom for the first time which he did last night.
Watching them grow and learning some thing new everyday through good and bad.
I feel just blessed to have my boys. They are my pride and joy. Like Ginger said Unconditional Love!

Hope - posted on 08/10/2009




Hugs...kisses...their smiles...hearing "mom you're the best!
the sound of their laughter, the sound of their breathing late at night
having them crawl up into your lap or sit next to you and cuddle for no good reason
explaining to your 7 year old what the song American Pie is really all about
the first kiss from your 12 year old after going almost 3 years without one frm him
the little moments that no one else knows about
watching them score their first goal
watching the little one finally learn to swim at 9 years old
listening to him get so excited that finally all his studying is paying off with an A on a test. (for the first time he's excited about school!)

The greatest thing about being a mom???
Being a Mom!

Michelle - posted on 04/22/2009




The unexpected things. No matter how bad my day is when I hear my kids laughing it just makes me smile.

Ginger - posted on 04/18/2009




Honestly I cant answer that. For me, there is no "one best" thing. There's so many best things about being a mom. Hmmm... the unconditional love!

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