Creative memory making mommy's

Mommies looking for fun creative ways to preserve their pregnancies and their childrens lives! Everything from pregnancy journals to childhood journals to making your own scrapbooks and "Baby books", to creative fun with pictures! Everything from A-Z when it comes to making memories of our children in every way!


What is your favorite....

What is your favorite way to preserve your children's memories and keepsakes. Is it a journal? A scrapbook? A year by year book? Do you do any of these activities with your...


How to preserve your memories?

As we know pregnant women are often times sentimental... yep... that's the nice way of putting hormonal! lol... Share some of your ways that you have captured in time your...


Belly Casting

What was your favorite part about belly casting (if you did it) and why? How far along were you when you decided to do it?



If anyone needs any kind of child pics or pregnancy pics taken and live in the phx az area let me know. Prices are very manageable...



Just a fun way for mommies to swap ideas on how to preserve our memories that can get lost through memory and times! My first suggestion is prego mommies have prego journals!...