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**Jackie** - posted on 02/17/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




All you need is:

A pen (a thing one like Bic is perfect and you can get an entire pack of 10 or 12 at the dollar store)

A pack of colorful pipe cleaners


** So take the pen cap off and just glue one end of the pipe cleaner to the ink end of the pen, wrap the pipe cleaner around the whole pen (you may need 2 or 3 for this)

When you get to the top you should have some of the pipe cleaner left over (this is your stem for the flower)

To make the petals, you will need to shape some pipe cleaners. You can just loop them and have that be your petal or you can loop them and lightly pinch the end the end to create a sunflower type petal.

Once you have 4 or 5 petals made, it is time to make the center of the flower. I just coil a yellow or white pipe cleaner. Then glue your petals to the coiled pipe cleaner. I glue the petals all of the back side of the coiled pipe cleaner and just have the petals poking out.

That is it :) Hope you like it!



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