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Holly - posted on 10/12/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey, I'm Holly. I have a 11 yo girl, a 6 yo boy, and a 43 yo man LOL. I love pretty much anything creative: sewing, gardening, beading, knitting, painting, cooking, collage, soldered charms, reusing/repurposing things from the recycle center, etc. We live in Kansas City and I have an "art room" that I share with the guest room... unfortunately right now it's become the catch all for all the crap in the house. My kids are also creative. The boy draws like mad and creates long involved stories for each picture. My girl does what we call "inspirational scrapbooking". Husband does TaeKwonDo and plays guitar. Both kiddos do TKD and gymnastics.


Lizette - posted on 10/13/2009




Hi Holly, my name is Lizette. I live in Topeka, KS and have 2 kiddos. My boy just started Kinder and absolutely loves photography, drawing and sculpting. My daughter is only 3, but loves to draw also and hijack her brothers camera on occasion. I myself love photography, sculpting, writing and tending to my flowers. I'm most excited about our recent artsy-crafty fun. I have up a Spooky Hollow Halloween Town and recently found a couple new additions on ebay. I now have a Pumpkin Barn and a Nursery. I thought it would be lovely to have a pumpkin patch between them. Michael's does sell a 6 pack of jack'o'lanterns, but that's hardly enough to make a pumpkin patch so I got out the Sculpy and got to work with the kids. We made pumpkins/jack'o'lanterns of all shapes, colors, and sizes including one with bat wings and then a potted Venus Fly Trap to sit next to the Nursery. It was so much fun and the final product will hopefully be something that we can put out with our Halloween town for years to come! :)

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