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Kylie - posted on 04/15/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I’m not sure if this happens in other countries but here in Australia if you live in suburbia the council organizes roadside collections twice a year where people can put out all their unwanted “junk” and it gets collected and taken away. I always thought that council kept all the good stuff and sold it for profit or gave it to the Salvation Army, but I recently found out that all of it is crushed and put into landfill. For years my husband and I would keep an eye out for treasures on people’s front verges (we would always be quick and hope not to be caught because we thought it was stealing from the council haha) When I tell people about how much I love roadside most of them look at me in disgust like “eww you go through peoples rubbish, what’s wrong with you?!” But the amount of great, useful and sometimes new stuff we have found is staggering. I have found a heavy, white baby change table with the draws and hanging space below, beautiful wood and leather bar stool for my breakfast bar, two iron and wood out door bench type seats which we sanded back and stained, a near new dryer that wasn’t working because the lint filter was full to the brim, aquarium accessories and new fish food, blowervac, oh gosh I could keep going. It seems such a shame this stuff that could help young families or poorer people is being put in land fill. I have even got a few things and cleaned them up and listed them on ebay and made a nice profit. Does anyone else do this? I think it’s helping the environment and saving money.


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Rabaab - posted on 05/07/2009




well no not really.. here the people just take the things they do not want to second hand shops and sell them there.. Or they advertise them in stores saying they are selling them. but yeah i really wish we have something like that here tooo,,

Emily - posted on 04/16/2009




Kind of. In April we have "Big Trash" day. I put stuff out about a week in advance and usually it is all gone by the time the trash truck comes around. Whatever is left I try to put on Craig's List to keep it from the landfill. We've gotten some amaxing stuff from Big Trash day!

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