Custody across States?

Crystal - posted on 08/26/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Has any one dealt with getting custody of a child that lives in another state? We live in Florida and they live in Indiana. Can we use the lawyer for everything and then show up when we need to for the big trials? Any advice would be helpful considering we don't have the money to fly back and forth all the time.


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Jessica - posted on 08/28/2009




i recently won custody of my son who lived in ohio while i live in tennessee. i hired a lawyer who lived in the town where we would be dealing with the custody issues. i enede up having to go up there for all of the custody stuff. however i know that it all is up to the courts on whether you have to be there for certain stuff. i will tell you that you need to hire a guardian ad litem before they do. i went for custody twice of my son and the first one i lost because his dad had hired the guardian ad litem. i won this time because i hired the guardian ad litem. however, i also had a reputation of being too honest for my own good AND i showed that i was willing to do whatever i had to in order to get custody. the guardian ad litem saw that. i kept in contact with him all the time. the fact that my son's father wouldn't let me see him even tho i drove up to see him helped me quite a bit. my suggestion is to call a lawyer there in indiana and ask what the courts would expect of them... but also insist that your lawyer file the paperwork to get him/her a guardian ad litem. the keys to success are cooperation, a guardian ad litem, and a good lawyer. if you have any more questions or you need to vent (which inevitably you will need to) you can always just vent here... it is good for what ails ya hope it helps. jess

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I am currently fighting custody issues across counties (150 miles apart) which is at least in the same state. What I can tell you - I show up only for hearings, mediation, etc. My lawyer files all the paperwork (and can actually sign most documents in my absence since I reside more the 100 miles away). You can even "phone in" for some things.

Call the state bar for a reccomendation on a lawyer in the area and get their advice. you need one that you can trust and that you two can communicate well as most of your communication will be done long distance.

good luck!

Devon - posted on 08/26/2009




from what i heard and this wouldn't deal with you really because your the one that lives in florida but from what i know is that you can go for custody and child support with the father in any state except florida. if they move to florida and you are in another state you can't get them for anything. but i am not sure how to answer your question, i wouldn't see why you wouldn't be able to. good luck

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