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My ex is delinquent on child support - and is self employed so we can't garnish his wages. I just found out though - the feds will take it out of his tax refund! hopefully this helps someone else!


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nice! i know they took back child support out of my hubby's ex's tax refund (screwed with the payments on the ridiculously expensive car she just bought too - she called me screaming accusing me of telling them to do it, which neither of us did)... but we have not seen a penny. did you get all yours? how long did it take?

Isobel - posted on 09/12/2009




In Canada, we have what's called the FRO (family responsibility office) you can sign up with them before you leave the court to have child support automatically deducted from their paycheck. If they quit their job or make it somehow impossible to pay they lose their driver's license, if they continue they go to jail.

Jodi - posted on 09/10/2009




They do that here in Australia too. CSA is also in the process of ordering the money out of his bank accounts to pay back debt - they have the power to do this here (if they can find the accounts)!!

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