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Custom Boutique Enthusiasts - CBE

I didn't see any Children's Custom Boutique Groups on here, so thought I would start one to see how it went... If you are a Buyer or a Designer of Custom Boutique Items, then stop by and say "HI"... :)


Check out My Boutique

Hello! I'm Amanda and I have a Boutique called Mudpies & Dragonflies. Check us out at and "Like" us on Facebook and get the chance to win a free...


Hey CBE Girlies

Well... here is to giving something "NEW" a try!!!! I just found this application and didn't see any Boutique Groups on here yet.... Thought it might be a fun place for us...


Nobody wants to play??

I am not sure if I invited all the girls from my FB account or not... I have been receiving invites from my friends to their COM groups, but my only option is "ignore"??? I...


Do you LIKE this forum???

I think I have been heavily SPOILED by the eBay Forum... Because this one does not seem nearly as EASY to use as that one... AND, if you look on your profile (or anyone's...