ROBEEZ - What's the big deal?

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Hi Mommies,

So, I bought a pair or Robeez shoes for my 5 month old son. Anyone know what the big deal is about these freakin' leather shoes? LOL


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Alisha - posted on 01/07/2010




honestly, Robeez and PediPeds are closer to barefoot for children who are learning to walk. Once they're walking really well, any shoe is fine and barefoot at home is preferred for proper development. Children use their feet just like we use our hands to feel things. Barefoot or flat, thin bottomed shoes allow them to feel the terrain under their feet and still wear a shoe.

Beth - posted on 11/17/2009




My son got his first pair when he was 11 months old. He could walk but he still crawled occasionally. He is now almost 15 months old. The shoes are still in great shape. not a scuff on them. I love them and will continue to buy them.

Patricia - posted on 04/09/2009




It is bst for the little ones to be barefoot and that is the purpose of Robeez. They are soft-soled and simulate being barefoot yet protecting the foot. I used them (and the look-alikes) with my boys. I really like them. They stay on well and keep their little feet warm...and they are really cute :)

Ashley - posted on 04/09/2009




pediatricians say that bare foot is best for little ones so they learn stability on their own and don't depend on shoes well robeez are designed so their little feet are protected but it doesn't give them the support like regular shoes. i just bought a pair of 12-18 months and i can't wait to put them on my son. they are so cute they have the hard souls so he can wear them outside:)

[deleted account]

I agree with you both! I was not really looking for a show for him to wear around the house, but more so when we go out. It's still chilly where I live (Toronto) so he needs something on his feet and he grew out of his other shoes. They were crazy expensive, but I do admit that they are awesome shoes! They are comfortable, and they never fall off! He'll be able to wear them until he's a year old, as they are currently to big for his feet.

Brenda - posted on 03/25/2009




I've seen links to them that says they somehow help them gain balance and all this.  Any pediatrician worth anything will tell you the best shoe for an infant is none.  They need to learn balance on their own, and the best way to do that is to let them feel the floor under their feet.  :)  I just think it is more a fad than anything too.

[deleted account]

Personally, I think it's just a fad.  They are cute and all but WAY too pricey for a shoe that won't be worn long enough to make it worth the cost.  I live in Florida and spend a majority of my time (at home) barefoot.  So when my son was born, I asked my pediatrician what shoes are best for babies and he  Barefoot babies develop stronger ankles, which helps with walking, running, etc.  It made sense to me so my 17 month old still spends most of his time barefoot.  Now, when he started walking outside, I again asked my doctor about he doesn't get dirty feet or cut his foot, etc.  The doc said to only buy shoes that tie and have flexible soles.  When I asked him why not velcro he said that 1) it's a good habit for babies to get into, the tying of shoes.  They see you doing it over and over again and it will make it easier to teach them later.  2) Also, you can control the tightness of the shoe better and more accurately with laces.  Velcro tends to just come in 2 strips and if they get pulled too tight, there's no counter balance for the how laces criss cross accross the top of the foot.  Hope that made sense lol!  So I went to Payless and got some infant shoes that look kinda like Keds.  They are SO cute and when he grows out of them in a flash I won't feel guilty about the money I spent on them lol.  Hope this helped.   

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