Dairy Farmer Mummies

A group for Mums who help their Husbands/Partners/families on Dairy Farms Throughout Australia & The World.



I am so glad there are other mothers out there that are in the dairy farming community.


weaning and boobs

have weaned my 15mth old from boob 5days ago, but my milk is still in, will it go down naturally or do i have to take tablets, what has anyone else experienced? my joints ache...


Dairy Farmer Mummies.

I created this group because I like to help people & We all need an outlet sometimes. Even If you're not involved in Farming it's stll great to have you as Members. :-)


Time saving cooking ideas.

Hi everybody, We start calving on the 20/ Aug. 520 Cow Mummies having their babies. :-) It'd be great if anyone out there could help with tips how they manage household...