Dangers to watch out for

A place to post and find out about Dangers to our children.


Energy saving Light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs (CFLS) contain murcury, give off radiation, and can cause or increase many health Problems such as muscle and joint pain, headaches, nausea, sleep...


List of recall items!

Some items are failry new...within the last week! I know the list is long but there are things on here i NEVER heard about until i came across this website! The most recent...



Christmas lights for yuor tree have lead in them. Check the fine print carefully and it will most likely be there. Keep the little ones safe this holiday season:)



with iron, my kid ate half a bottle, i caught him and got most of it out, but those yummy flinstone ones are like candy to them and too many can give em an overdose of iron and...


Swiffer Wet-Jet

Many people have told me about how it is toxic and dangerous to children and pets but after looking it up i have found no solid evidence of this. i have found many articles...


Learn what you can do for your family!

Hi Girls! As Moms we all have our family's best interests at heart! Its our job to look after their well being. In order to make better decisions we need more information and...


Household Cleaning Products

Hi Sara , This is a Great way to educate people as I did not know about the light bulbs. Thanks • Over 90% of poison exposures happen at home. • Common chlorine bleach is...


Poisonous Plants

Figured this would be helpful many poisonous plants are known by most people but some are less commonly known. And some plants it just certain parts of it. Ex( Rhubarb, Wild...