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I am a daycare provider from B.C. Canada. I have been running a daycare in my home for over 14 years and am running out of ideas how to help a 4 year old boy in my care. He is overbearing, pushy, and will bully the other children when I am otherwise occupied. Time outs don't work, removing him from the room, not getting to do craftime, I am at a loss. I have spoken to his parents but his mom is a very forward and can be a pushy person also and I don't know if she understands that it is not appropriate. Any ideas???


Marcia - posted on 11/02/2009




Being a mother myself and having some teachers training in schools, I would suggest having his mom take him out of school if she is not willing to help work along with you. It may seem harsh but you have to think about the other children who this child bullies, what will it do to their self esteem, and what if he seriouly hurts one of the children?

But before you do that if you have the time and the patience try some one on one time with him and teach him how it's a bad thing what he's doing to his classmates, and how it hurts them. If you are a bile reader try some bible scriptures that he might understand, like do unto others as you will have them do to you and Jesus loves all the little children but He knows when you are bad and He doen't like that.

Hopefully this can help.

Marcia Mills

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