DEAF MOTHER with hearing teenager and children

I am a Peer Supporter/Advocated a Mother who raise hearing children. I do understand having a hearing child is not easy to raise. Hearing children need a exmaple of CODA (Children Of Deaf Adults) needs to be socilize with other Deaf Parents with other hearing children. It helps them to develop the communications skills, make new friends, be able to get out the world and not to be afraid to communicate between the Deaf and Hearing world. Learn to communicated and learn to speak and use your voice and speech. Also joined the DPHH (that is only for Adults Older Deaf Clubs), Asl Friends is very good program for anyone to joined to learn ASL Sign Languages. The Bethlehem Sign Languages is my Meetup Group so that I can help other hearing Moms and hearing people who wants to learn ASL Sign Languages. Some Moms and children may not have learned the ASL Sign Languages. Get involved and participate as much Communities and help each other. I have the passions of the Deaf, Deaf/Blind and Hearing Community. Help each other. Educated the Deaf Parents, hearing children and Hearing Adults too. It is important to understand the Deaf Culutures and hearing Cutlures . I am very involved with the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf/Blind and Hearing Community, Developmental and Disablites Community. Everyone needs to be treated equal, ASL Friends, DPHH, GNO, www.The-Bethlehem-Sign-Languages-Meetup (Organzier), ASL Inside ATL (Anchor/Reorter, GACHI and GAD. Please if anyone needs help or bring some great ideas to me. I will do as much as I can . We need a good team MOMs with hearing children and teenagers.