Extra curriculars???

Kris - posted on 10/27/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My ex and I discussed signing our son up for karate classes because he said he was interested. It's been a few weeks and has been excited to go every week he has been with me, never complained, etc.
His dad text me before class this week saying he wasn't taking him because our son decided he would rather do basketball (he's never shown any interest in basketball at all) and tryouts were that night and he was taking him to sign him up. He did end up showing up for class by the way. I asked for information on it and he referred me to a website which only has sign up information and first practice date, not when practices are, time, or anything. First practice says its same night as our karate night (I have two kids in karate) so told him I can not take him that night of the week.
He then told me that practice could be one of three nights so I let ex know I can't guarantee I can take him when he is here because we have other commitments already. (Besides karate I have two other kids who need to be in bed early and one thats due a month before basketball ends, my husband is starting up his own business as well as working part time so may not be home to sit with the littles and get them to bed- we don't have the extra to spare for a sitter, and I'm looking for work plus school FT, etc)
We (husband and I) feel my son already committed to karate so should follow through if his dad doesn't take him he will need to double up classes on weeks he is with us, they're same night back to back and we've already made arrangements for that as we have family in the same program.
My ex asked if he can pick up our son on my weeks to take him to basketball, we have a mutual agreement to not go to each others homes because neither of us are okay with it so I'd have to go drive and meet him to drop off and pick up. Although it wouldn't be HIM but his grandma doing it, last time she helped with driving she overstepped, and it was used against me in court (regardless of the fact it was their idea and also in the custody order), and I don't feel like they should've signed him up without even discussing it and expect me to just go with it.

I know if I say no to it or to them picking him up itll be held against me in court. If I say yes to them driving him itll be held against me. If I say yes I will take him there's no way I can guarantee he will be there every week with current circumstances, especially not knowing date or times for over a month. I feel like I'm trapped! I want to just tell him "depending on days and times I will take him when possible on my time." Or something along those lines but still worried how it'll effect me and how much of a fight ex will put up/how much hell insist on picking up when I can't take him or want me to explain myself.

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