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Dealing With The Aftermath of Child Abuse

A place to discuss how to handle the challenges of an abused child.


Need help!

My daughter is 5 y/o. Her dad and I split before she was born and decided to co-parent without a court order. At 3, I started to notice some strange behavior like her rubbing...


helping a friend

I got a friend who was verbally and physically abused by her father right up until he died literally. He would force her to do military drills such as jumping jacks stand in the...


What Do I Do Now????

My Four Year Old Daughter Was Sexually Abused By Her Father. She started showing signs something serious was happening over a year ago. She started refusing to leave when her...


Supervised visitation

My sons father broke his leg. it is currently under investigation. He was never violent towards me or my son before this. We were happy and I had dated him for 2 years. I know...


where do you begin

As a child myself i have endured more than any other i never got to confront my accuser i always believed i would know the signs expecially after my own how can one person be so...