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December 2002 Babies

For moms who had a child born in December 2002


Christmas Traditions and joint custody

This is my son's first Christmas he is 10 months old. This year his sisters go to their moms at 12noon on christmas eve and on christmas day they leave her home at 12 noon...


Hi Ladies

I've got a daughter and I just want to say I relate to some of daughter has allot of attitude, she still sleeps with me and she's quite messy. The attitude part I...


When do you switch schools/

OK so we live out in the country. Son in 3rd grade. Two classes of 3rd graders..Maybe 12 boys all together. They either livein town or are twins. My son has tried many times...


my daughter is bipolar and adhd

Her real dad is not present in her lift however she inherited his adhd and my bipolar. She has so much trouble in school and with peers and at home with her step dad. any...


anyone else having issues w/ attitudes?

Riley (my daughter born dec. 30th) is in 1st grade and is really starting to have this attitude lately. She's talking back more and being a total pain the arss most of the...



My son will be 7 on the 12st of dec and my daughter will be 2 on the 3rd of jan,i was thinking of having a joint b/day party but wot with being short of money n its so close n...


birthday problems

my sons birthday is on the 19th. Afew years ago we decided to not have "parties" instead we would let him choose a few close friends to go somewhere speacial, chuck-e-cheese-...


Hi new 2 this

my name is samantha just wanted 2 say hi 2 every1 n hope 2 make some new friends



hello my name is kylie i am 28 yrs young and i have 4 kids 10 by 8grl 6byand 21mths by...we live in Australia and we love the sun and getting outdoors ..we live right next to...


My son born on 21st with blocked tear duct

My son was born at 11pm , at first he looked normal then as i was being brought to the ward i noticed a raised spot between his eye and nose. The midwife didnt show concern, so...


December 30,2002 Baby

I was actually due on Dec. 30, but I wasn't even close to having him. I was induced on my due date. Mainly for tax reasons. .....yes, my husband wanted mason here before the...