Christmas Traditions and joint custody

Kelly - posted on 12/24/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




This is my son's first Christmas he is 10 months old. This year his sisters go to their moms at 12noon on christmas eve and on christmas day they leave her home at 12 noon again... We have been making it traditional that when they are here on the 23rd that evening is when we read the night before christmas and then we read it again just the baby and i on the 24th since it is actually the night before christmas. My husband and i took turns videoing the little things we do each year in preparation for santa clause, I turned on the lights to the house and tree and trains. . . then connor and i put the cookies on a dish with some celery and milk and we put the "magic" key on the door knob to our front door. After that i put him to bed and waited a few minutes and went to his room to video him sleepnig after that we added his girfts from santa to the gifts from my husband and i that were already under the tree...then we videoed that as well as the cookies and milk gone and the key on tape it looks like it was magical because the gifts just appear. . . Im excited about it!!! Tommorow we will pick up the girls!!!! they will come home and we will all go directly to their aunts house to clebrate with them for the day then come home and the 3 children will open their presents from my husband and i together in the evening!!! next year they will all open all their gifts from santa in the morning together and then spend the day at their aunts following that. After that, they will go to their mothers house at 12 again but for the christmas holiday. it gets tough to work around so many schedules but we manage with a little love and a lotta frusteration! :) But it worth it. What do you other moms do with step children ?


Melissa - posted on 12/28/2013




Hi, I know its been a long time some you wrote this, I hope your christmas was a good one this year. I know how you feel I think, it's a little sad for the new baby to have his sisters leave on christmas, I'm in a similar situation although they are both my biological kids, but my daughter always has to leave to go see her dad and it makes me sad that my son is left alone when they should be enjoying christmas together not apart. It's definetly a hard time of year and there seems to be a lot of conflict. I made a rule a few years back that she could go to him on the 26th, I think it's a lot easier for all the extended family knowing when to plan their Xmas dinners and what not, knowing when she will be around, rather than it changing each year, she used to leave at midday like your step kids, but I found it was like she was missing out on really attending any family functions because she would have to leave early, or arrive late, and she was so over opening presents after doing one family worth.

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