My son born on 21st with blocked tear duct

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My son was born at 11pm , at first he looked normal then as i was being brought to the ward i noticed a raised spot between his eye and nose. The midwife didnt show concern, so i went to sleep. The next morning it looked larger so the nurse said she would get the doctor, he arrived and poked the spot, he said he was fine so i went home.
Everyone thought he looked fine but i felt something was up. By christmas day his eye had swollen shut and looked black. I took him to the hospital the next day, and he was admitted immediately. They had never seen such a case like his and asked me if they could take photos. I was distraught and cried the whole day. He was put on IV antibiotics and his tiny arm was covered in tubes. As i was breastfeeding, i stayed in the hospital the whole time.
He needed drops in his eyes and it took 3 nurses to hold him down, he is a strong baby. this was done 4 times a day. I was exhausted, and had to sleep on the floor beside my sons cot. Finally after 4 days the swelling came down and i was allowed to go home after 5 days. It was new years eve, when i returned home with my baby for the second time.
He made a full recovery but he had his eyes tested every month for six months to ensure his sight was not damaged. Then he was tested every 3 months untill he turned 5. He is now a happy healthy boy and will be seven soon, and i would like to know if anyone had gone through this with any of their children.


Krista - posted on 11/13/2009




Yes my daughter had the same issues and almost had surgery but the duct came open just before I was lucky. My son who is not a december baby had the same thing and was hospitalized at 10days old and stayed for 2 weeks at sick kids. Though thank god they finally open up themself.

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