December 2003 Babies

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Hi My name is Cathy. I am mother os a little boy who was born December 16, 2003. Glad to meet other moms whose kids share the same birth month.


December the crazy month!!!!!!

Both my son and daughter's birthdays are in December, my daughter 2003 and my son's first is on the 10th as he was born last year! It is so hectic as I have to plan two parties,...

Started by Melanie on 11/18/2008 in December 2003 Babies

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So cool

My daughter was born Dec 3, 2003. This is so cool, there's a group for December 2003 babies!!!!! (Well not babies anymore!)

Started by Becky on 11/16/2008 in December 2003 Babies

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Child's behavior

Hi. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle a 5 year old who acts like she is 16.


Christmas Day Babies

Hi there my eldest daughter was born on Christmas Day, she was 5 this year and i was wondering how many other mums have had their child on Christmas day. I was also wondering...


Christmas Eve!

I'm new to the group! My son and oldest was born 12-24-03! He is almost 7 and is growing super fast! He's in 1st grade and academically doing great!! I feel bad for him...


Nail Biting

My daughter is 6 years old now and she has been biting her nails and the skin around the nails for as long as I can remember, Ive tried that nail polished stuff thats supposed...


Christmas Babies...New Group!

I just started a group for those of you with Christmas babies. It is just called "Christmas Babies". Come join and share your stories!


Almost 6, and not sleeping well.

Our Dec 03 babies are turning 6! Can you believe it??? I can't...anywhoo, I am having huge sleeping issues with my son. He started Kindergarten this fall, and I knew that it...


In Kindergarten Yet?

Hi All, I'm just wondering if your December 2003 little one started kindergarten this September? Our son did, he went to playschool last year and I thought there was no point in...


December 31st!!

My little man will be 6! It really seems like the time has flown by.