December 2004 Babies

For moms of babies born in December of 2004!


difficult bedtimes

My problem is that my son does not like to go to bed. At all. Ever. I've struggled with him since his brother was born 3 years ago. I don't think his brother coming along made...


Christmas group!

I just started a group for those of you with Christmas babies. It is just called "Christmas Babies". Come join and share your stories!


My child is TOO Loving!!!

My daughter is 5 years old in pre-k! She has always been the first to give hugs and kisses and have a big smile on her face and her heart full of love! =) But... Now she's being...


Welcome, YAY!

I hadn\'t logged on in a day or so, and when I did tonight there were so many new members!!! YAY!!! Welcome everyone!!


Obstinence and Unexplained Crying

My daughter is the most obtinate child I've ever seen! She will do things that she's told not to do with a sly look on her face while she looks at you just to see what will...


Struggling with potty training?

I have twin 4-year old girls...they are mostly potty trained. Adri however still has accidents regularly. When you ask her if she has to go (even when she is dancing around)...