December 2005 Babies

For those of us with children born in the month of December and the year 2005


bed wetting!

my december '05 baby is fully potty trained and has been dry throughout the night for 4 months now, wetting the bed once, maybe twice a week. however recently she's started...


I hate my Veggies

My three yr old just simply will not eat veggies. It doesn't matter what we try what it is he refuses. Our pediatrician suggested putting that and only that on his plate and...


Christmas Eve Birthdays??????

My daughter was born on the 24th....its easy now to separate birthday and Christmas....anybody got any ideas for the future????


Potty training

I am potty training my 3 year old. We are throwing away the diapers and are on day 3 of a "diaperless" household. We are using the sticker chart. When did your child become...


Born December 9th

Hi,just wanted to pop in and introduce myself.My name is Natalie and my daughter was born on the 9th which is 5 days before my birthday.She is a real girly girl and just a real...


Early bird...........HELP................

Hi my son has started to get up REALY early like inbetween 430 n 530, i no, i thought it was just one of those things they go though but its been over 2months now, iv tryed...



My preschooler, Trey, is 3. He is pretty mouthy when other are around, and also tries to immitate his 13 month old sister. How do I help him realize he is special. We do colors,...


December 25, 2005 birthdays?

My daughter was born Dec. 25 2005 at 11:11 PM. So if you do have a child with that birthday what do you do to celebrate there birthday to make it extra special? I just started...


December 20th 2005

My little guy Joshua was 7lbs 1oz...I can't believe he is going to be three. Time flys. We were playing the other day and he leaned over and smelled my face and said mmmmm,...


saying no all the time

any suggestions on how to deal with a three year old that is constantly saying no and is know doing it more to her teacher at her class that she has only been going to three...



Hi ladies I am sure lots of you are going to be looking for preschools soon. I am going to a open house next week with my daughter and want to bring everyone a snack. Does...


Hi everyone~

My name is Jessica....and I'm from Kentucky. I am 23 years old and my husband Kennedy is 24. i stay home with our 2 baby boys. (K.J.) Kennedy James the oldest was born on...



Hey everyone! My name is Kristi and my son Hayden was born on December 23, 2005. I just had a little girl, Reagan, three weeks ago! I look forward to meeting many of you!



hi i had a little boy in december 2005


December 16th 2005!

Just wondering if anyone out there has kiddos on my daughter's birthday!! Let's see how many!!


birthday boxing day

my daughter alice now 3 birthday is on boxing day an find myself spoilin her so much beacuse of the fact she misses out on pressies because everyone cant afford both which...