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December 2006 Babies

Moms of 2006 December babies!


Children that dont listen

how do i get my children to listen to me when my husband is not around? they treat me like im invisiable at public when they act up i feel like a bad mom...


What does your 5 year old know/do?

What kinds of things do your 5 year olds do? What responsibilities do they have? Do they know how to read? Write? Do math? What kinds of things do they do for themselves? I know...


Hello everyone!

My name is Carie, I'm a stay at home Mom and I have two daughters. My oldest, Abigail, will be 2 on December 30th and my youngest, Audrey, was born July 24th of this year....


December What??

Hi. I'm Desiree I live in Indiana. My son's name is Dominick and he was born December 23, 2006. When was your child born??


Still on bottle for milk

Does anyone have any suggestions.My daughter is 2 and will not drink milk out of anything but a bottle. I have tried at least 10 cups. The last was the nuby everyone said that...


Too loud!

What do i do with my so who pluggs his ears at music in church? It is a little loud but we sit at the back and I can take him out if need be but he wont go to his class so I end...


Cheyenne needs your votes!

I entered my daughter in the kid of the week for parent mag. She is currently at #13. Will you please vote for her to make her kid of the week? TIA...


Too Close to Christmas?

Hi December 06 Mommies! I'm actually a June 07 Mom myself, but we're working on a sibling now. While I had hoped to be pregnant by now, we're getting into the area where I...


my little pees outside

so i have a 2 year old and we started to potty train him about 3 months ago he was doing really, then i don't know what happen but he will be out some where and pee and poo...


Putting themself to sleep

I know that I have created the monster...but I would like to fix it. Jack was collicky so I did whatever I could to get him and myself to sleep. To make a long story short we...