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My daughter keeps asking when she can go to school. We live right across the street from a school and she is jelous everyone but her is in school.

I have looked into a few preschools but no one will accpet her until she is 3 years old. so now we have to wait til march to apply for grants to try to get her into a preschool..

I was wondering how do you research preschools?


STARLA - posted on 12/16/2009




Try checking with your public school system. They typically have pre-k programs that are free, though you may need to reserve a spot. They dont accept children until they are 3 unless there's a special needs problem. Pre-k has been awesome for my son who turned 3 on Dec.12. He was accepted early due to having cerebral palsy. Good luck, public schools will be your best and easiest route if available.


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My son is 3 and I think that it would be good for him to start preschool. He's the youngest and is a bit more aggressive than his older brother. So I think he would benefit from it socially. Preschools are expensive and he is not potty trained yet so I think I'll wait until he's potty trained before I put him one.

I use to research preschools and elementary schools for his older brother. They don't have academic ratings for preschools but they do have parent reviews on there. Once I found a school with decent reviews, I'd check them out online and looked into their programs. I scheduled tours for a bunch of schools - over the course of two weeks...I paced myself to 1-2 schools a day. I found that the programs were pretty similar along with prices. After comparing everything - prices, programs, quality, and any other activities, we'd make a decision. I made sure that my son was there to see the school so that I could get his opinion too. Of course, he liked every school because he just wanted to go.

I will do the same thing for my 3 yr old - once he's ready.

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There are a few preschools that do accept kids under 3 but they are mostly associated with daycares. I worked in a few. And that is why I am waiting until next yr to send my daughter. I could have squeaked her in since she was 2 yrs 9 months mid Sept, our state's preschool age(as oppose to Toddler) cut off. Mine asks all the time to go. WE did register her already for the fall. Most preschools around here have Open HOuses and registration Jan -March.

What to look for: Low numbers. Here they can have 20 kids with a teacher and an aide. I really don't like that. 15 is ok but I don't like higher than that; Happy, caring, enthusiastic teachers. If you bring your child with you they should try to talk to him/her and try to make him/her feel comfortable. They should tell you about their program; At this age the focus should be on socialization-getting along with the other kids, listening, following directions, waiting their turn; being comfortable away from home and in a school setting, and being more independent-using the bathroom, putting on shoes(don't have to tie), coats, ect.
My other 2 kids went to a co-op which I loved. I went in and helped one day of the month and got to know the other kids and Mom's better but we just can't afford it for Katie. THey want over $4000 for the PreK year. We registered her for a YMCA program that I looked into for my first. Everyone was so inviting and nice, I liked their program and how they allow parents to come in and help or join in and how they focus on socialization. Oh and that is a big red flag when they won't let you drop in to see your child or the classroom( I can understand at the very beginning when they are getting used to being at a school but not for the whole time). Good luck.

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we started pre school at 2yrs 3months he loves it best thing we ever did for him the term after third birthday is when it becomes free ours started this jan look at the ofsted reports all pre schools around portslade take them b4 3and dont need to b potty trained

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We are doing preschool at home..... There are a few good websites.... Preschool is expensive here is Ca.... So I am doing it here in the home.... My son loves it, and we "go" to preschool every morning (I have stuff set up in my craft room) Good luck!!!

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