Any ideas for healthy finger food? My daughter loves dry food but I dont want to keep giving her too much fried stuff.


Leah - posted on 04/03/2009




Both my boys eat pretty much anything my youngest 15 mnths loves breadsticks dipped in houmous as finger food fruit is always a good option for between meals but try not to give dried fruits in between meals because of the sugar content fruit in its natural state is fine though my boys favouraie fruits are strawberries,grapes cut in half, blackcurrants, and bananas.........


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Laura - posted on 04/03/2009




We were having a tough time getting Harleigh to eat veggies. She does great with most other things. Although we do have a tough time with meat (which doesn't bother us too much, she eats it when she wants, and we supplement with alot of other proteins).

Just found at Walmart bags of broccolislaw. Basically its all the veggies shredded up and you just need to add the dressing. We threw out the dressing idea and just gave her the shredded up raw veggies and she loved it!

Shara - posted on 04/03/2009




My daughter loves the whole multi-grain cherrios, and they are packed with nutrition.  We also do a lot of grilled chicken cut into small pieces and grilled cheese sandwitches.

Melissa - posted on 03/30/2009




My daughter stopped allowing me to feed her at about 10 months. She only wants to eat finger food. She doesn't do dairy really unless it's in the food so here are some ideas without dairy.

MEATS" I try any meats, but have the most success with, chicken, ground turkey, hotdogs, chicken nuggets or breaded breasts and deli sliced meats. I give her trail mix where she picks the nuts and raisins out. Sometimes if I have enough milk/sour cream in the eggs she will eat them.

FRUIT: any fruit she wants (strawberries, cantelope, bananas, apples, pinapple). She now can peel her own banana and get's mad when I cut it up..

VEGIS: I do vegi's such as baby carrotts, green beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower. I buy a lot in the frozen or canned foods section for convenience reason and portion sizing to cook as you can just take a few out and put them in the microwave just for baby real quick.

CARBS: Whole wheat breads or crackers of any kind (triscuts, goldfish etc.) and sometimes I make up a batch of rice a little sticky so she can grab it a little easier. I also give her the standby's of cereals that are easy to eat like cheerios, life, kix. Of course waffles and french toast are regulars for breakfast.

Laura - posted on 03/30/2009




Harleigh will eat just about anything we give to her now. She absolutely loves the Gerber dried fruits and also the yogurt drops. She eats lots of diced fruits. Watermellon, cantalope, honeydew, apples, bannanas, peaches, pears. Toasted cheese is a huge favorite. Kix is the cereal she is enjoying right now, but cheerios and the big rice krispies are great. Goldfish crackers (they now come in whole grain varieties), the Gerber meat sticks (yuc! but she loves them). Diced up chicken, ham and turkey. She loves crab meat. I let her try just about everything that we are having. Keep it small and put it right on the tray of the high chair - she will rarely take it unless she can feed it to herself!


Sania - posted on 03/29/2009




Thank you guys. I am definitely going to try out all your suggestions and let you know which ones she likes. Corrine, I am very impressed that you have introduced your son to foreign food and that he enjoys it. It will cause fewer problems for you as he gets older. Sophiya loves having bread sticks with butter but I love the idea of cut up squares of butter and toast. I think kids just want to be independent at tis age and so anything new and interesting that they can have on their own is great.

Crissey - posted on 03/28/2009




I give my daughter Cherio's and now they have all the new flavored ones. She like the fruity colorful cicrles.  I also give her Ritz or Saltine crackers just break them up a little for her.

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I dont know how diversified anyones kids are with food, but my son will eat anything thats put in front of him. his recent favs are grilled tofu, pork chops, cut up pears, apples, bananas (but the get pretty messy) he also loves toast with butter., and my husband has introduced him to more of a foreign diet. (pig ears, octopus, shark fin soup) and he loves it all! but i try to get him more of the gerber snack foods, like Jen said, the lil crunchies are good. a little messy but i think most kids like them.

Jen - posted on 03/28/2009




We're the same way. We limit things with a lot of sugar and fried food. My daughter has yet to try a french fry or pizza. For snack times we give her gerber snacks which I see was suggested already. She loves the lil crunchies. I love that they have fruit snacks made with fruit juice. My daughter will also have fruit cups for snack. We drain the juice and then dump it on her food tray. We also cut up cheese blocks into cubes for her and she loves that. For dinner options pasta is a pretty good finger food, or grilled chicken cut up. We pretty much give our daughter everything and she'll use her fingers to eat it.

Jennifer - posted on 03/28/2009




My daughter likes "dry" foods too.  Whole wheat toast with butter cut into small squares is her favorite. Pancakes, Cheerios, grilled cheese, english muffin pizza, Annie's Organic whole wheat mac & cheese are just some of my daughter's favorites.  I tried to give her scrambled eggs and I've tried some cut up avacado but she didn't like them.

Good luck, jennifer

Jean - posted on 03/28/2009




My son LOVES fruit, cranberry sauce, jello - all the messy stuff. As well as cheerios, the big rice krispies that just came out, cut up bologna, cut up hotdogs (cut them real small) I'm still trying to come up with more but I hope these help!

Emily - posted on 03/28/2009




Our daughter really likes the gerber snacks. She likes fruit as well but it is really messy, Fig Newtons are good too but messy as well. Fruit snacks are good, but then you have a problem with surgar. I hope this helps.

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