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Amanda - posted on 08/12/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter doesn't have much of an appitite. She is a very picky eater, she won't eat have the time when i make her lunch or dinner, she'll eat her cereal at breakfast or eggs, but when it comes time for lunch or dinner she wants candy or some other snack food. For example, last night i made spaghetti, she didn't want it she said she wanted peanuts, i even offered to put the peanuts on her speghetti but she still didn't want it she wanted peanuts in a bowl. I tried putting my foot down but it made it worse. and i didn't want to send her to bed without eating, i would just feel horrible if i did that. i've always been told not to force them to eat if they don't want to, that they will let you know when they're hungry. But she was obviously hungry because she wanted to eat just not what i made. She loves spaghetti so i just don't understand it. Is there anything i can do to get her to eat more than jus snack food at meal time?


Beth - posted on 08/16/2010




Just do not let it be an option. I know that sounds simplistic but for foods I do not want my child to have at all or it it is not the right time, I just say no. When my son does not eat what we are having I do not make an entire separate meal, I simply offer toast or a slice of cheese & fruit; something simple that I know he will eat & is like a light lunch. When he refuses outright, which for me is rare fortunately, I let him go play. He does eat when he is eady & he knows we don't play games when it comes to meals.

Hope that helps a bit


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Becky - posted on 09/02/2010




I don't know how old your daughter is, but my son is 2 1/2 years old and he does the same thing, eats breakfast perfectly fine, but when it comes time to eat lunch or dinner it is a big fuss. Sometimes he will eat, other times he fusses. I have cut out all bad snacks and have stuck only to crackers, freeze ice pops, fruits, and gold fish. Then if he actually eats his lunch or a good portion of it, I offer him a small ice cream cup or a cookie or something. Same thing at dinner. It works for the most part, and it is helping me lose weight because there is healthy stuff rather than a lot of junk food in the house. What is really hard is when he sees me or his father eating something and wants it, even if he is in the middle of eating something already & if we say you can have some or a bite after you finish what you are eating, he then procedes to throw out what he is eating thinking he is going to get some, and then throws a fit when he doesn't.

Marie - posted on 08/19/2010




I totally agree with Heather,My daughter was just the same with her food & would only eat toast or yogurts & ofcourse sweets & crisps if allowed to get away with it. We made the mistake of allowing her to have what she wanted & she got to the stage where she wouldnt even try what i put on the table, saying 'YUK' & pushing the plate away before running off, then our youngest son started to copy, so we decided enough was enough & we sat them down & told them both that when it was meal times we would ALL sit at the table & eat together as there would be NO crisps, biscuits, yogurts or what every else they wanted. But if they ate there food with the rest of us then they were allowed a small dessert or snack before quiet time & bed. We also ask them to help us like Rebbeca said, by setting the table, washing hands & calling the others to get ready for meal times. This seems to be working at the moment although i do expect them both to try there luck sometime in the future as all kids do, lol. Just remember to not let her see you stressing as she will pick up on that & push you more. I hope this helps give you some ideas. Good luck x

Heather - posted on 08/19/2010




ALL children do this! Children become quite the picky little eaters sometimes...and they KNOW that they can get what they want (queue diabolical music)! I suggest a few things. 1) NEVER make a separate meal for your child. The only way to get her to enjoy new foods is to have her try them. Also, you certainly do not need to cater to toddler stubbornness as this could grow into a more permanent problem. 2) EVERYONE eats at the table! Turn the t.v. off, put the younger children (if you have them) at the table...not playing elsewhere. Limit their distractions. They don't leave the table until everyone is done eating. 3) They ONLY eat what you eat. If they are truly hungry, they will eat whatever you give them. If they don't want it, oh well...they don't eat! I promise you they won't starve. If they don't eat their dinner and you are truly concerned that they need to eat later on, go back to the table, as before, and offer the SAME food you tried to have them eat before. When they have no options, they will start eating what you give them. Be persistent with your child. Stay strong. Nip the problem in the butt now...because there's a new phase undoubtedly waiting around the corner!

Rebeca - posted on 08/19/2010




My son was the same way. I used to gve him ho lunch/ dinner and tell him to go eat, but that never worked. So what I did was set up a lunch, dinner environment. I would get him excited for lunch/ dinner, tell him in the morning this is what we're having for lunch/ dinner, are you gonna help me wth lunch/ dinner? set up the table? He would get excited by the time it was lunch/ dinner because he knew he was gonna help me set up the table, put forks, napkins, etc... Then I would say: it's lunch/ dinner time, everyone come to the table. Everyone would come to the table sit down, and he would see that. He would feel happy that everyone came and sat down nad that he had helped with the lunch/ dinner and he'd sit down and once he saw everyone eating as well, he would start eating. My advice, just make sure to make it a big thing to your child, get her excited about it, and make her help out. Tell her in the morning this is what we're having for lunch are you gonna help me? then after lunch do the same and tell her this is what we're having for dinner are you gonna help me? Also have everyone else sit down as well because sometimes his sister would be playing still when he was at the table, and he would see that and not want to eat at all. Once he sees everyone eating at the table he would feel more comfortable eating as well. I dunno, hope this helps.

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