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My Daughter just recently starting telling fibs. I have no idea what to do to break her of this! HELP!!!!


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Erin - posted on 08/24/2010




We had this problem a few months ago and I was really getting concerned until I read more about it and its TOTALLY NORMAL...just a little early :) Recent studies show that the earlier a child starts "fibbing" the better they do in life as this is a milestone that requires several complex actions of the brain to be able to do it. Read more from this article

Mostly we decided to go with the ignoring until it was a really bad one and we talked about truth and lying. She doesn't do it as often as in the beginning when she first figured it out.

User - posted on 08/23/2010




Yikes! My son is still telling on himself when he does something wrong.
I think you need to pick a consequence (time out, loss of special toy....) and be very consistent about applying it. Make sure everyone involved is on the same page and helps out. There are many books out there that talk about telling the truth. I'd also give lots of positive reinforcement when she does tell the truth.
And remember they are listening to everything we say!! I'm trying to get my husband to realise that sarcasm doesn't work around kids. :)!!
Good luck!

Rebecca - posted on 08/21/2010




my child hasnt started to do this yet so i havent had to experience this situation but i know when i was a kid my parents used methods like time outs, spankings, taking toys away, and washing out my mouth.
no matter what method you use to try to break her of the newly learned habbit you need to sit her down and talk the her about fibbing and explain to her why you shouldnt do it and the consequences of doing so. also when she does tell a fib you should ask her why she told it instead of the truth. i know i use to make up fibs from time to time for i was scared to tell my parents what happend and was worried they would be disappointed in me.

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