He's 14 months old now!!

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I can't believe it has been a year already. We are having so much fun...learning new things on a daily basis. I do wonder though what some other babies are doing at this stage. Sleep patterns, eating habits, language, activities,etc. I would love to get other's info.


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Well, to answer my post...Gavin was 14 months yesterday!!. He only had 6 teeth until last night when he cut BOTH of his 1st molars. OMG...can you imagine the crying that he did for 45 minutes until I undressed him to make sure nothing was hurting under the pj's, brought him to our bed with low lights on and let him listen to daddy's cell phone music for another 20 minutes. he finally was chilled out but whew.

He talks a good bit and what he can't say he substitues please by word and sign. That must mean he really wants it!!

He is a pretty picky eater but he eats well. He is still nursing in the am and pm. I am hoping to work on the am feeding this month then pm next month. Any suggestsions on hwo to get him to drink cow's milk is welcome. He used to drink soy when he took a bottle while I was at work but one day he decided that wasn't for him anymore. So...we are still pretty tied to the house in the evening-no date nights.

Thanks for the feedback. Im glad I found this page.

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Max will be 14 months on the 17th. He started going to bed early as he gets older. It was 8PM now he's down by 6PM and he's whipped. Our day is up at 4AM to get a pacifier that he lost and a new diaper, he's usually uncomfortable, that will hold him until 6:30. Then he wants a bottle almost immediately. Breakfast follows by 8AM. Nap around 10AM for about 40 minutes. Then playtime til noon and sometimes another nap (short) then more play time and nap at 2 for an hour. If he does not nap at noon, he will nap for an hour for sure in the afternoon. Then plays hard til 4:30 and then cries a bunch as I feed/bathe and hold him lots, he's just wants lots of hands on attention after 4.
He just started to flip through his board books this month.
He waves bye bye. This was first month used a baby sign back to me but he clearly understands five of mine (all done, bath, eat, up, swing, more). He does bath and all done (very poor but clearly signing).
He can say Dada and Mama and Uh Oh.
He likes to open and close things (doors/drawers/toilet seat)
he likes to push cars on the floor
he loves to dance by bobbing up and down to anything with a good beat.

Great question, I will like to read this thread.

Oh, and he's not walking, not using a sippy and still bald! I have a 3 1/2 year old who was walking, using a sippy, off the bottle and in general less babyish at this age so I know it's not me holding him back, he's just doing things at his own pace.

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hey! my son will be 14 months on the 12th. Hes a little piggy lol he eats pretty much anything you give him. and as for sleeping we are still working on sleeping through the night. he still likes to get up anywhere between 12:30am-4:30 just for a sip from his bottle.

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