How to get a four year to go to sleep?

Katie - posted on 02/01/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok sorry if this is along post. Even thought my son is in a full day very physically demanding, ie swiming leasons, gym twice a week. Keeps getting out of bed telling me he needs to be changed. He is potty trained but wears pulls ups at night. I put him to bed at seven and this goes on from seven to about eleven. I have tried everything from letting him play out side for two hours after school to lavender bubble baths. Nothing is working. please help


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Misty - posted on 05/15/2012




Something we've done is create a "treasure chest." I go every couple of weeks and buy some things from the dollar store. If Hanna sleeps in her own bed the whole night then she gets to choose from the treasure box. This has helped immensely. We make a huge deal about it when she does it and praise her :)

Katie - posted on 02/10/2012




Thank you I will try both of them both. What type of music do you and your daughter lisean to at night? Also where do you get waterproof mattress, I have heard of them but have never been able to find one. I am going to try the new bed time routine tomorrow and see how it goes. My only problem is that he has allergies eggs tree nuts chocolate, and sensitivity to lactose. so I usually make him a different meal then what I eat. But I am look for meals we can make together.

Jacci - posted on 02/09/2012




i have 2 suggestions.

1- maybe hes ready to be potty trained at night. my daughter did the same thing when we were using pull ups. so i decided to try it. i bought a waterproof mattress protector for her twin bed and put a training potty in her room to use at night time. the first week we had a lot of accidents but after the adjustment period all is well. so it may not be that hes not tired just that he has to pee and cant fall asleep wet. to this day our daughter will pee in pull ups if someone puts her in them but shes been potty trained day and night since she was 2.

2- maybe because he has demanding days hes over stimulated. maybe start a bedtime routine earlier. like a big process. i had to do that with our daughter as well when she was younger and had busy days.

our was this: she would help make dinner(30-40 mins), sit down at eat together (30 mins), bath time (30-40 mins), followed by music time( 10-20 mins), then book time(10-20 mins), then bushing teeth/potty time(5 mins), then some cuddle time, then bedtime (8 o'clock). the whole process took about 2 -2 1/2 hours but most of it was stuff we already did like dinner, bath, and books. just included her more in it all and made it a routine. it worked a lot better than the 4 hours fighting bed time and being up till 11 or 12 trying to get her to sleep

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