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Hi ladies, My name is Tori and my son is Nicholas. He was born on 12/27/07 so we are a week away from his first birthday! He's an early walker that gets into everything he can. Right now, our biggest challenge is how to set boundaries and consequences that are age appropriate. I don't believe in hitting but he's to young to understand time out. When we say no, he gets a big grin and determines how much time until I reach him to keep doing the bad thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Paula - posted on 12/21/2008




I find distraction the best tool at this age. Discipline is a waste of time at this age. You can use a tone of voice to indicate that they are doing something you don't want them to, but they are reliant on us to remove dangers and attractions out of the way. It is better to distract them with something funny or a different toy or something than make a big deal of what they are doing. And set up barricades. We currently have a suitcase wedged in our study doorway, because if the baby gets in he wants to rip the spines off the books, so the suitcase prevents the temptation. A closed door and gate prevent access to the Xmas tree and bathrooms etc.

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