Is Santa Claus necessary?

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My daughter just turned 4 and my son will be 2, 4 days before Christmas. My husband and I are arguing about whether or not to include Santa at Christmas, now or ever. I was raised with Santa, but really feel he's too commercial, and takes away from what Christmas is about. My husband feels he should be included. What are your thoughts?


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Skillciax10 - posted on 12/05/2015




I don't do Santa because of the hefty commercialism surrounding Santa and lack of Jesus around Christmas. My husband says "if they want to believe then why not?" and I say "I'm not going to instill that belief in my kids because that's not what Christmas is about".

My kids wake up on Christmas with presents in the house. No fat man put them there and they are super exited to rip open there presents, they could honestly care less where they came from. Santa is an idea presented by parents, and then you have to deal with the whole what if other kids or people tell my kid he isn't real yadda yadda... I've saved myself from countless conversations, elf on the shelf, milk n cookies, sneaking around in the night etc.

There's no "magic" to take away because Jesus is the magic. We don't even go to the mall to see Santa. Really my kids could care less.

Santa simply put isn't necessary and plenty of cultures do not celebrate him and there imagination etc is just fine.

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Your suggestions are all quite helpful. I never had a bad experience with Santa, and I'm not "anti-Santa". I don't think Santa is going to hurt my children either. It's more of a religious issue. I want it more than clear that Christmas is not about Santa, or presents... just Christ; and I'm not sure how that would go over if Santa is in the picture. What about the Easter bunny? Do you guys do that too? That's one my husband agrees we can do without... I don't see the difference though.

Betsi - posted on 11/14/2009




I like the way my cousin decided to handle Santa with her two children. They receive gifts from Santa and he fills their stockings. They get excited about him. But she made it clear from the beginning that he is make- believe. That way they still get the joy of Santa, but don't feel lied to or disappointed when they get older.

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What if the child or children do not like Santa? My oldest daughter is 5.5 and she doesn't like him. How do you deal with something like that. She doesn't care to see him and if she does see him it is at a distance. So last year she told me what she wanted Santa to bring her, however, she really never asked him. My soon to be two year old I am not sure how she will be this year. If she doesn't care about him either to we forget about the subject and just celebrate the birth of Christ and go from there?

Tracy - posted on 11/12/2009




santa is a big part of a child childhood it seems so sad not to have him in there lifes, xmas is so magical and such an amazing time, it doent need to be commercial and it would be so sad for your kids with all the kids at school who do have father christmas, children grow up so fast let then just be kids and have all the magic of xmas xxxxx

Naomi - posted on 11/10/2009




We are undecided about including Santa in our Christmas celebration. Personally, I believe Christmas is far too commercial and Santa is included in that. I believe that putting emphasis on Santa takes away from the true meaning of Christmas--celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. We desire that our son know and love Christ from an early age, and I don't want to introduce a fictional character that will overshadow the true meaning of Christmas by putting emphasis on commercialism and getting presents. Plus, you build up the idea of Santa in a child and then tell him when he's older that Santa doesn't exist. I think that's pretty confusing to a child!

Heather - posted on 11/09/2009




My husband and I have had this discussion many times starting long before Anikin was born. We both want to focus our Christmas celebration on the birth of Christ but realized that if we do not include Santa Claus in his upbringing there will be alot of confusion for both him and his classmates when he starts school. We have decided that Santa will fill Anikin's stocking and the presents will come from Mommy and Daddy.

Leslie - posted on 11/09/2009




It really is a personal thing and everyone, spouses included, has differing childhood memories and feelings associated with Santa. My husband thinks Santa is meaningless, but he also looked at me like I was silly when I told him I had an imaginary friend growing up. (He lacks fictional imagination.) I, however, have great and fun memories of Santa and never felt betrayed by my parents when I found out he wasn't real. I think Santa is a fun game and he is only as commercial as you make him. Even people who don't do Santa can be overly commercial. That said....when we had our son we decided that when he asks we will tell him how Santa started and that he is based off a real person in history, but we don't leave presents from Santa and we ask that family members try not to talk about presents from Santa. We are a christian family, so we give three gifts like the Bible talks about the three types of gifts given to Jesus. We feel that our Christmas season has tons of meaning for our son because as he gets older we are starting to incorporate the Advent candles at home and the whole story of Jesus birth. We decorate and send cards, but we place more emphasis on God, family and the idea of blessing than on presents. I'm hoping he grows up thankful and focused on the things that are important to me and my hubby and not resentful that we didn't play the Santa game or buy him a heap of presents.

Jen - posted on 11/08/2009




We will be introducing Santa this year. Our daughter already knows who he is and that he will be bringing her presents. Since this is her 3rd Christmas (she was born the 1st) and she understands a lot we're getting her really excited about Santa coming to visit her and bring presents. However, she will also go to church to celebrate Jesus' birth. I grew up with both and I plan on my children doing the same. We always go to midnight mass so that we have all day Christmas to spend with family.

User - posted on 11/08/2009




I can see your argument, but there are way to include Santa without going overboard. My friend's family only gets ONE thing from Santa. I make sure that every year, giving gets as much importance as getting. We donate gifts, we give to the bell ringers, and we also go through old toys to donate. I do believe Santa is important, as is the tooth fairy, Leprauchans and the Easter bunny. I took my son to see Santa when he was 5 days old! :)!! Traditions and wonder are all a part of childhood.

Heather - posted on 11/07/2009




I think that everyone should celebrate what they feel. Kids are supposed to believe in fairy tales. I say why ruin that for them.

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