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Anna - posted on 01/27/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hello, Does anyone have some good meal ideas (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). I feel like I feed him such a small variety of things. Breakfast = oatmeal, fruit, pb&j, cinamon toast. Lunch and dinner = tortellini, peas, cheese, cut up lunch meat, fruit, spaghetti, mac & cheese, chicken strips, fish sticks, bagel.

Please send me some ideas......I am stumped.


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Jan - posted on 02/14/2009




Chili, sloppy joes, my daughter loves those. Spanish rice, steak and fried potatoes with onion. Hot dogs, tuna. By this time kids can eat pretty much anything depending on how many teeth and how well they chew.

Amanda - posted on 02/10/2009




Hi Anna!

Sounds like you have a great variety to me. The only other things I give my son that I could suggest are cottage cheese, scrambled eggs or boiled eggs for added protein. My son loves all of those. Some others I give him for lunch are the mini-raviolis by Chef Boyardee, grilled cheese or soups. Like Jen, I too recommend brown rice with added veggies like cooked peas and/or carrots. A new one we just discovered too and absolutely love is rotisserie chicken. It is so soft and perfect for him to eat. I hope I provided some new ideas. Good luck!

Jennifer - posted on 02/08/2009




He can eat pretty much anything you're eating! My daughter LOVES pancakes for breakfast. Also, scrambled eggs with a little bit of shredded cheese are great for any meal. Her favorite lunch/dinner is taco meat mixed with some rice and cheese. This works great as if we are having spicy tacos then she can still have what we're having only with the addition of rice to cut the spice. Good luck!

User - posted on 02/08/2009




I feed my son the same, minus the fish sticks. I was told not to give him peanut butter or sea food until he was two. Incase he had a reaction to it, they are to young to tell you what is wrong.
I also feed him yogart, the toddler rice cakes as a treat, I go out and buy small veggie trays and cut it all up and serve it, scramble eggs he loves, pancakes.

Jen - posted on 02/06/2009




For breakfast my daughter will get either yogurt, grits, oatmeal, cream of wheat, or fruit and cheerios. For lunch she gets a gerber graduate meal. They come in about 8 or so varieties and my daughter loves them. She goes to day care so that's the main reason she gets a premade meal. For dinner she eats whatever we're eating. There are some things we avoid like p-nuts, taco shells (found that out last week), pizza, french fries, fried greasy foods, and spicey things.

For a lunch idea: I had made some chicken salad for chicken salad sandwhiches and I was curious to see if my daughter would eat it. So I toasted a piece of bread, put a small layer of chicken salad on it, and cut the "sandwhich" into small pieces to be picked up. She loved it.

Some dinner ideas: rice dishes with veggies or chicken in them, pasta, beef tips (you can buy these premade that cook in 4 mins.) over egg noodles, or we've even give our daughter the filling out of a pot pie before. Hope that helps some.

User - posted on 02/02/2009




I feed my daughter all the same meals you mentioned above more than anything else... I actually stumbled upon this thread searching for meal ideas myself.

However, meatloaf is another great meal, not only is it cheap, but I make it with 75% ground turkey & 25% it's not as greasy, I also add chopped green peppers, onions, celery & carrots to give us both some extra "hidden" veggies.

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