Delicia - posted on 11/10/2008 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hello, I am fairly new here and I always wonder how people come up with their baby's names. For instance, my daughter's name is Nadia Kathleen. Nadia means hope and after dealing infertility for 6 years (IVF baby), she was our hope. Kathleen is after my husband's grandmother. So, how did you pick your baby's names?


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Stacey - posted on 11/22/2008




My daughter's name is Claire Noelle. We got the name Claire from the tv show Heros. We liked the nickname Claire-Bear. I thought of Noelle while they were getting me ready for the c-section. I just thought it was appropriate since she was born on Christmas Day!!

Samantha - posted on 11/21/2008




i went through a baby book with my daughters father before she was even 3 months in the womb i went through read names i liked, and then we came up with a list of ten for each, Emma was not on my list but after words i decided i wanted the middle name Rayne jsut cause it looks and sounds interesting lol, so i needed a name to go with it then i came up with emma and loved it, ... i never became 100% on any boy names, i knew i was having a girl although we didnt know for sure i felt it i knew in my gut .. or in my womb i was having a girl. now me and my emma are loving every day and i call her emmie sometimes too

Emily - posted on 11/20/2008




Abdullah means "servant of God" in Arabic. My husand is Egyptian, I am American, and we are both Islam there is a famous saying that states that the name Abdullah is the best name for male children. We call him "Aboudi" which is the common nickname for the name Abdullah.

Anna - posted on 11/20/2008




My daughter is Lyla Doll Thomas. We had 2 girls names already picked out, when I misheard my husband in the car one day. I thought he said Lyla. He said no, and started laughing at me. Then I said that it was a pretty name, and he agreed. Doll is my maiden name, and it is really cute! After we decided on Lyla, we came to find out that it was the name of my husband's great-grandmother. How cool is that?

Jessica - posted on 11/11/2008




My sons name is Teagan Shire Milwee Combs...Tegan means Handsome one and he is...we picked this name out of a baby name book we love it ..Teagan is Gaelic and so is my husbands 1st name and his middle name was english like my husbands as well, the Milwee is my maiden name and i wanted him to have a piece of me and my grandparents that are no longer with we choose his name based on family history and ties....

Vicky - posted on 11/10/2008




My sons name, Joseph Arthur, just popped into my head one day well before my partner and I even thought about having kids but then we started saying what a cute name Joey would be and goofy things like that. But the name stuck around until we had our little boy! Now the reality is Joseph Arthur is my partners dad's name, Arthur is my dad and brother, Joseph is also both our grandfather's names so it really had to be!
Funny note - we didn't know the sex beforehand so the two names we had picked were Joseph and Sarah - who would have thought they'd be our VP picks.

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