Patsy & Ba-Ba... How do they go away??

Shannon - posted on 06/03/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Ok. So my original topic that I was going to start was taken... Potty training. So I thought of another one that I could use a little help on...
How do you get your precious angel away from the bottle and pacifier? My daughter loves her "patsy" and cannot sleep without it. And she still wants a "ba-ba" before bed. She only gets a bottle at bed time, otherwise she has a sippy or regular cup during the day. I don't want her to have any dental problems but if I can't get her away from either of these, I'm afraid she will have problems in the long run. But at the same time, if she is happy w/ them, I will just have to pay for braces and dental work when she gets older...
What did you do? Or what have you heard that works?


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Erica - posted on 06/08/2009




I was lucky that my child transitioned from bottles to sippy cups at about 7mo. I was pumping into bottles for day feedings so my mother-in-law (the babysitter) just poured the milk into whatever sippy cup she could find that had handles and because he was eating mostly solids at that time he didn't fuss. We didn't get a special brand, in fact most of our sippies are hand me downs!
As far as the pacifier goes, my child still loves his; he gets it for nap, bedtime and long car rides. I don't want to take it away until I am through breastfeeding him which is going to stop shortly here (hopefully). I promised myself I would get him whatever dental work he needed, if he needed it, later on as I don't want him to have to foot the bill like I did when he's an adult!

Andrea - posted on 06/06/2009




We transitioned with the Nuby sippy cups. They come with 3 different nipples. We started with the one that is most bottle like and after a couple days (when he was used to the silicone instead of latex) we switched him to the regular silicone top cup. My little guy is very active, eats tons through the day, but I still feel he needs his milk before bed. Now the pacifier, can't really help there, he still uses it for nap and bed.

Sarah - posted on 06/05/2009




My son never really used the pacifier so it wasn't really a challege there. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter my husband and I decided it was time to take the bottle away because we didn't want him to take his sisters bottle. At first we started just by giving him a sippy cup during the day and a bottle at night. Then we just threw the bottles away and all he had was his sippy cup near him. It was rough for the first week and a half but if worked. We did the same thing with our daughter.

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For the bottle, I'd try to switch it for another activity. A special story time, music, or something. I'd go cold turkey. Tell her the night before tis is the last bottle before bed. Have her help you pack up the bottles and put them away. The next night when she asks for it, give her a sippy cup and pull out the new activity. I'm sure it won't be a smooth transition, but be consistent and it shouldn't take long. I'd try the same thing for the pacifier. A new special nap stuffed animal, maybe one with 'chewies' on it? Good luck and be strong! :)!!

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I think every kid is going to be different. When my oldest was a baby. When he hit about 10-11 months I introduced the sippy cup. Gerber transition cups and I also use those with my youngest now. He didnt seem intrsted because the tip was different. So I figured if he was thirsty he was gonna drink out of it. Took him 40 minutes and he was latched and I got rid of the bottle immediately. But Ive never given either one of my kids bottles before bed so I couldnt help you with that. My oldest did the pacifier and at about 15 months I didnt let him have it during the nap only at night. Then I realized it was more a crutch for me than it was him he would have been fine without it. It was me who could go to bed easier if he had it. So I just took it away one night. I think he kinda fussed a little for two days and that was it never used them again. With my youngest we had to try several sippy cups before we found one he would use instead of the bottle. we went from the bottle to a bottle like sippy cup top then to the gerber transition. he sucked his paci for about 5 months, lost intrest on his own and popped the thumb. so any tips for a mom who has a thumb sucker. lol. my husband and i were both thumb suckers so we knew one of ours would probably do it. he he. hope this helps or at least give other ideas.

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