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Jodie - posted on 11/21/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




im starting to potty train my daughther whos nearly 2 has anyone got any tips on it~?


Jennifer - posted on 11/24/2009




My daughter will be two on December 7th, she has been completely potty trained since she was 21 months old. Take the diapers away (except at nap/bedtime), put undies on her, set a timer and sit her on the toilet every 20 to 30 minutes and push liquids. It also helps if you make the potty accessible ... like put the potty chair in the living room where she can see it and it's easy to get to when the timer goes off and you need to bring her to the bathroom. Do this routine daily until she starts to ask to go to the bathroom. I did this with two children and both were fully potty trained within a week at very young ages. Stay consistant, don't vary from the routine ... it also helps if you don't have to go out very much ... I started on a long weekend (4 day weekend) with my son, so by the time Monday rolled around he was doing awesome and just continued to do well at daycare. With my daughter, I am currently a SAHM, so it worked out well since she didn't have to go to daycare ... but again we limited the time away from home. And if we did go out during her training phase, we brought a change of clothes. :-)

Oh, and you may need to use a reward system. With my son, all he needed was a hug and a high five ... but with my daughter I had to bribe her by giving her one M&M everytime she actually pee'd on the potty. If she didn't pee, she got nothing.

Good Luck.


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Amber - posted on 11/29/2009




You want to place the potty chair somewhere she can easly get to it if she's mostly in the livingroom put it there, or her room. dont worry about staying dry at night right away it will come when SHE is done with the diapers. my mom told me to ask her every 15mins to a half hour but i felt thats all our day consisted of was being on the potty the first week or so there will be accidents but just work on one thing at a time. getting them to go to the potty themselves, peeing in the potty, then poop and you should be ready for bed training when i did that i put the potty by my daughters bed and kept it there all day so it wasnt getting moved around i found keeping the potty in one area all day help so they arnt running around to find it

Kylie - posted on 11/27/2009




Wait until she is ready (she will let you know). Don't try and force the issue, as it will take longer, and she may end up hating the potty. My son has basically trained himself as he wanted to start using the potty and big toilet.

I though my son was ready when he was about 21 months old. He used the potty a couple of times (we still had him in pull-ups), but then he just stopped. I waited until he was ready again (about 7 months later). My son and I designed a reward chart. He told me what things he wanted on it (things he felt he could achieve), and he got a sticker each time he did wees, poos, stayed dry for a day etc. He is now four and a half, and we have only had a few minor accidents, mostly during long car trips when he falls asleep. He is still in the overnight pyjama pants at night, but he mostly wakes up dry.

Susan - posted on 11/21/2009




I started potty training as soon as my son indicated he wanted to that was at nearly 3 I did not have one days trouble and he came off smoothly. Some of the advise I was given is when you start to still keep nappys on during the night till they wake up a few times with a dry nappy. My other son is now turning two I'm not taking him off nappy's he did not indicate yet that he wants to use the toilet and some of my friends had a hard time starting when the small one is not ready so that is important. Making a fuss when he or she uses the toilet the first time phoning daddy and daddy speak on the phone and is so glad for him or her also helps. Never being cross when they do get a oeps. Hopes it helps...;-)

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