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Amber - posted on 04/07/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




I am just wondering how many of your children are potty trained, working on potty training, or haven't started yet? My daughter will tell me when she has peed or poop and everyone I have talked to says that she is ready to just start putting her on the potty but she will not go in the potty to save her life! We sat on the potty for 10 min one morning and as soon as we put her diaper/pullup on she peed in it! I am lost since this is the very first child I have ever had to potty train! Others tell me that since I am due 4-10-10 with our son and we are waiting on housing to give us a bigger house (hubby is in the army) that I should wait until we are moved and settled before I start! Any ideas? suggestions? Any and all welcome!!!!


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Amanda - posted on 04/15/2010




Id wait until you have had baby and moved.It could just cause your daughter to slightly regress,my daughter was 23 months but she is my 3rd child and not sure if it was because she sees he brothers going to the toilet she wanted to use it too.but she was actually taking the nappies of ,she now just wears one for bed.she is now 2yrs 3 months.good luck and id wait.

Chasity - posted on 04/14/2010




We never encouraged or tried with our son – he just kinda did it on his own! We always left the door open when we went to the bathroom. So, when the first time he went on the potty (around 22-23 months) we did the potty dance and freaked out - so he thought that was "cool!"
He still wears a diaper when we're out in public or at other peoples homes; he forgets to tell he has to go... I think it all depends on the time. And I found that the "little potties" we spent our Money on was a complete waste! OH and about 5-10 minutes after they eat is the best time to put them on the potty!

Anna - posted on 04/14/2010




My advice would be to wait until you are moved - I think it would be easier on everyone concerned! One way you might be able to get past the not doing it in the potty is to just leave her diaper/pants off - it worked like a charm with our daughter (still a lot of work, but definitely helped her make the connection I think). We used our own extended variation of the diaper-free method (check out the link here: http://www.babycenter.com/0_potty-traini...). I didn't have 3 days to devote, although I tried, and so just accepted that it would take us longer. And it has, but she got the idea. Hope this helps! Potty training can be kind of frustrating for us that already have the hang of it :) but I'm sure you'll do fine!

Jacci - posted on 04/13/2010




i personally tried all of these things listed.. none really worked on my daughter. i actually had to just let her run naked and do what the call "potty boot camp" for 2 days straight we wore no diapers and no underwear or pants. there were many accidents involved but we stayed in one room and kept the potty in that room for quick access. after those 2 days we graduated to big girl underwear and only wore diapers at night and running errands.

we had easter eggs filled with random things like stickers, candy, toys, ect and she picks one out for every successful potty. after those two days and realizing she gets a prize that she picks and doesnt know what it is was the best motivation for her. the only real accidents weve had since then is when im busy and not paying attention to her potty schedule. she is even so motivated that she wants to use the potty in public.

Nicky - posted on 04/12/2010




My daughter started potty training a few months ago and is now great. We did it very slow. I would ask her if she needed to go potty and if she said yes, then we would go. If no, then we wouldn't. I would let her decide. But when she did go, she got a potty treat and also got to wash her hands which she loved. I did panties through the day and only did pull ups at night. I called them night time panties because I didn't want her thinking it was a diaper and that she could go potty in them. It has worked great! She is now waking herself up to go potty, which means I get up too to help her. But its worth it. Good bye diapers!!!!

TIFFANY - posted on 04/12/2010




My daughter has been potty trained since she was 2. She has the occasional accident but what toddler doesn't. I started by slowly introducing her to the potty when she was about 15 months old. I would tell her what it is and how to use it and I would have her just sit on it sometimes just to get used to it and comfortable with it. Everytime I went to the bathroom she came with me and she would sit on her potty. Soon I started taking her everytime she woke up and every hour. It didn't matter if she went but she needed to know that it wasn't going away. At first it was a pain and she was not cooperating but she got it eventually. I also used a treat system at the beginning (one m&m), just to make it fun for her and make her want to go. The trick is patience and consistency. They will do it when they are ready. I do agree that you should start with panties instead of pull ups. Most little girls I know don't like the wet feeling that they get from using the bathroom in their panties.

Lyndsley - posted on 04/09/2010




My daughter is 2 and 3 months, and she has been potty trained for about 3 months now. We started by introducing the potty at 18 months, bringing her to the bathroom when I needed to go, and teaching her how to recognize the feelings. Don't bother with pullups until she is going every day on the toilet, bc they are expensive and it is a waste of money.
When we really got into actual training, we set times. We would take her to try every 45 minutes. Sometimes she would go, sometimes not. But, it gave her a schedule. Treats, like stickers and gummy bears are a great way to offer rewards. We kept a chart and put stickers on the days she used it, for each time she went.
Eventually, they start asking to go and you can easily pick up on their body's schedule.

For little girls, peeing on the potty is easy, but going poop takes more time. My daughter is finally going number 2 on the potty every time, but it has only been for the past 2 to 3 weeks. Before that, we had a lot of accidents.

Another tip, when she is going at least 2-3 times a day on the potty regularly, take her to pick out a pair of panties that she wants, and remind her to keep them clean and dry. It only takes a few accidents for them to get the idea and recognize the sensation of being "dirty" or wet. THat's why I recommend waiting on the pullups, they are still extremely absorbant, and the kids can't really tell if they have had an accident.

Good luck!

Jen - posted on 04/07/2010




I would wait until you move. If she makes progress before you move it could just delay her after the move. We started potty training at 22 months. My daughter consistently pees in the potty, but is still very inconsistent with number 2. The easiest thing I've found is to put them in panties. My daughter will pee all day long in the pull up, but will only have 1 accident in her panties. We went the whole weekend with only 1 accident in the panties and 2 in the pull up (1 was during nap time though). We also use a reward system. My daughter gets pennies each time she has a successful potty and then she can spend her pennies on things she'd like (cookies, and dollar store toys). The best time to take them to the potty is after they wake up. After they consistently do that for a few days you can start taking them every 2 hours or so. At day care my daughter is taken at 9:30, 11:30, 2:30, and 4:30. At home we let her tell us when she has to go and ask her every hour or so just to remind her. She has figured out what it feels like before she has to pee and can make it to the potty in time. They have to learn that in order for it to get easier. After peeing on themselves a few times they get the hang of it lol. It's all trial and error. You just have to find out what your daughter likes best.

Amanda - posted on 04/07/2010




I'm working on potty training my daughter. And she does the exact same thing, she will tell me when she has peed or pooped and everyone tells me the exact same thing "It's time her to start using the potty!" I put my daughter on her potty before and after a bath, before she decides to go to bed an when we get up. Most of the time she won't go but she is getting better at it. Just keep up a routine like that or however you want and she will eventually know that when you put her on the potty it means to pee or poop in it and not her diaper. You can also try siting her on it after she's ate or had something to drink. I hope this helps! And Good Luck!

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