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Potty Training!


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Rebecca - posted on 05/19/2010




Definately wait until they are ready, if you force them it can actually put them back even more. In saying that though you eally need to listen and watch for their signs. My son was super obvious, at 18m he came to me and said 'Poos' I put on the toilet and we had #2's from that day on. #1's we didn't achieve until he was 2. One word of advice,(especially fo boys) don't try during winter when the weather is cold, when they get cold they tend to pee involuntarily if they don't have good control, wait until it is wamer and they can spend more time outside and in clothes that are easier to remove. When you start stick with it, if you put them back in nappies they will regress because the nappies are easier and 'if i don't go on the toilet mummy will give me my nappies back'. Nappies tend to be a comfort at this stage.

Kristine - posted on 05/19/2010




For my son we had several set backs. We had tried several times with him before but every time something changed in our lives we had to start over.
A new baby, moved to a new house, and then he started day care. So he was 5 before we accomplished anything. I think you need to make it fun for them. We live in the country so for my son we let him go outside. He would run to the tree line and pee on the trees there. He learned very quickly how to tell he had to go and then we just waited till winter to move on to always peeing in the toilet. He did use the toilet when he had to poo so it was mostly a choice thing for him. At first he didn’t want to stop using diapers but then he found something more fun. For my daughter, she just woke up one morning and said she was done with pull ups. She still needed them at night but she was fine all day. Each child is different, but I hope you find the right idea that works for you.

Sarah - posted on 05/12/2010




i would say give it a try for a week or two to see how your little one goes, sometimes if you wait until your child is ready they may not be ready until they are nearly 4, my little boy was 2 on the 19th of dacember and he was potty trained 2 months before he turned 2 (only day time) its better for them not to wear nappies as well as us and you save money :)

Tegan - posted on 05/10/2010




yes i definatly think it is when your bub is ready, iv heard boys take longer though... i put my daughter in pull ups not long after she was 1 and then at 1 1/2 i bought a potty but she didnt really want to use it... about 4months before she turned 2 she told me that she didnt want to use nappies any more and she did understand that she did have to use the potty and really enjoyed the praise she got when she used it... but every one is different its really up to them.! hope alll goes well for you :)

Brooke - posted on 05/06/2010




Every child is different. I have 3 boys ages 3 1/2, 2 1/2, and 6 months. My oldest son wasn't potty trained until he was just over 3. My middle isn't interested at all. We tried pull ups but he isn't making an attempt so we are going back to diapers. You have to wait until they are ready. Does the child go when you put them on the potty? Do they ask to go potty? With my oldest we begged, pleaded, punished, tried rewarding, taking things away, making him sit until he went, nothing worked. He was always crying when we put him on, etc so we backed off and waited a few more months and did it over Thanksgiving weekend. I recommend picking a time when you have several days at home. We put him in undies and took him literally every hour to the bathroom and made him go. He had good control and had very few accidents. Going #2 was another issue and that took another month to convince him. Also going at day care was difficult too. Not because of the teachers not taking him but because he wouldn't go for them. One day I asked him which bathroom at day care he wanted to use, he told me, and he was completely potty trained that day. Who knew? We rewarded him with smarties and watching Thunder Cats, his fave show at the time. It really just clicked.

I have several friends who swear by the let them run around with no pants, not even undies for 3 days and consistantly take them to the potty and they will be trained. Assuming they are ready that is.

My best advice is wait until the child is ready or you will be doing all the work yourself with no rewards. Try and if it isn't working, back off for a while then try again. In my sons 3yr old class at day care there are still several boys and girls who aren't potty trained. There is no magic age. Good luck. It probably won't be easy but it's wonderful when it happens.

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