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So my baby just turned one and is still not sleeping through the night. She will wake up and scream until I come and rock her back to sleep. I am not a fan nor am I willing to let her "cry it out". I let her go about 5 minutes of crying and sometimes she will calm herself back down, but usually i will need to go in there. Any suggestions on how to get her to self soothe without making her cry all night long?


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Emily - posted on 12/17/2008




Wow... I just had an awesome post for you, but facebook ate it. :(

Check out the "No-Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley, and "The Sleep Book" by Dr. Sears.

Basically, I've found that my kids will sleep through the night as long as I teach them how to self-soothe (which involves a great night routine), and as long as they're physical needs are taken care of. There are lots of reasons a child could be waking at night, teething, illness, indigestion, too hot/cold, thirsty, hungry, wet/soiled diaper, on the verge of a developmental milestone (basically too excited to sleep), etc. As long as you've taken care of the physical needs, those books should be able to give you excellent ideas on teaching her to self-soothe.

I personally wake up thirsty quite often, and my daughters all do too. They each have their own no-drip water bottle, that the older two usually end up sleeping with instead of a lovey. That has helped us a ton. :)

Victoria - posted on 12/17/2008




Sometimes when my lo wakes up i'll go and make her some water to drink...I only worked out last week the heating was drying out the air and she was waking with a cough.

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