too early for speech therapy????

Krista - posted on 03/28/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




my 3 yr old is a great communicator but has trouble with l's & s's which can sometimes make her difficult to understand. One of her creche room leaders suggested speech therapy while the other said she would probably sort it out herself. Is anyone else in similar situation?


Louise - posted on 03/29/2011




Her speech at 3 should be pretty clear by now so it would be worth seeking advice from a speech therapist who can give you simple mouth exercises to do.

From what I can remember after training to be a speech therapist for the under fives years ago I's and S's it to do with tongue control and this can be easily treated. For your own peace of mind get her assessed.


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Katie - posted on 03/31/2011




hey Im so glad that I saw this due to the fact that my son has speach delays. My son Eli has been in speach therapy since the age of 2 because he had cronic ear enfections when he was an infent; and he has grown leaps and bounds. I asked his doctor when he was two at what age you should start, he said as soon as you see a lag go for it. I dont know how it is in your state but in New Jersey you can go throught the county and if you make under a current amount per year it is free. Eli speach therapist comes to h is preschool and works with him there. My best advice is talk to your child doctor and see what they say

Jen - posted on 03/29/2011




I think those are some of the last sounds for young children to learn. However, speech therapy is beneficial, so it wouldn't hurt to have her evaluated. I'm thinking of having my own daughter evaluated as well. She has trouble with enunciating and sometimes stutters.

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