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My 16 month old son is allergic to egg whites, egg yolks, soy, milk and peanuts. I've only been able to give him rice, meats and vegetables. I don't want him eating big people food because he isn't a great chewer. I am still having to give him his formula for the nutrients. A y suggestions on what I can give him. Recipes would truly help! I keep breaking down because he is tired of the same stuff, please help!!


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I hear you. My son is allergic to dairy plus he's very picky with foods that is ok to eat. I'll have to try the website that was listed on the last comment.

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my son is the same. allergic to egg, wheat, peanuts, soy (barely allergic), and milk. it's really difficult for the most part. i've been told that peas can trigger a peanut allergy reaction because they are in the same family (legumes). the allergist told me that he's not truly allergic unless he has a reaction, so he had me try stuff out in very small amounts, but obviously NOT peanuts. he can have baked-in eggs, like in breads and cakes and stuff like that, wheat doesn't seem to do too much unless it's those wheat cheerios that come in the multi-grain cheerios box. soy is another one that can trigger a peanut allergy, but he's had it before, so i don't think it does in his case. milk will make him sneeze like no tomorrow and his nose will run non-stop, so we avoid it, except when it's in something, then it really doesn't seem to bother him. they basically just told me that i can give him things in moderation (again, NEVER peanuts) because it gives him a more normal life, and is much easier on us.
here's another link
there is a lot of info on these pages.

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