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Kristina - posted on 08/01/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




i just want to ask moms out there, what food can i give to my son,, he is 7 month old and 1 week... i am having a hard time to think, right now i am giving him baby cereals and some fruits like apple banana..

wish you could give me some recipe,,, thanks...


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Kesha - posted on 08/07/2009




he can have any baby food out there by now. any fruits, vegtables, and even meats (stage 2). when feeding him, give him a full jar of meat, then a full jar of vegatables, then lastly give him a full jar of fruit. that way you save the sweet stuff for last and he will eat the other a lot better. if you want to make your own, google homemade baby food, sor something like that.

Megan - posted on 08/06/2009




My duaghter was born dec 27. So she's about the same age as your son. I make all my daughters food for her. Right now we are on mashed foods, she chews ok so it works for us now. We give Anna veggies and fruit. Our ped says to wait until 9 months to introduce proteins as they are easier to digest at that age. Our ped also said 100% juice is ok, but we chose not to introduce juices yet.

I make all her food by steaming it (just with a metal steamer that goes in the bottom of a saucepan w/ a half inch of water), I steam it until tender then mash it with a potatoe masher. I don't add anything but a little bit of water to make it easier to mash. I like doing this because my daughter is now used to the natural taste of fruit and veggies. Plus I know there are no preservatives or additives. I know exactly what is going into her food. After I've mashed it I put it into ice cube trays and freeze it overnight. The following day I take the food out of the trays and put it into plastic freezer bags with the item and date labeled. Homemade baby food keeps for up to 3 months in the freezer.

At first we mixed her veggies and fruit with her cereals. She was used to the texture of the cereals so she ate them easier. But now she's more than willing to eat them alone.

Last week we started giving her cherrios as a snack, They turn to mush once they go into her mouth but it has still helped her learn to chew.

This week we introduced steamed carrot sticks cut into teeny tiny pieces (about the size of her pinky finger tip, that's how you know they can't choke on it) and she'll snack on those all afternoon.

Just a note our daughter has 2 teeth (on the bottom in the middle) and she has figured out how to use them to chew food. We also eat what she's eating with her, so she sees us chewing the food.

Anna's current favorite foods are carrots, squash, zuccini, brocolli & carrot medley, and pears.

I hope this helps a little.

Chevelle - posted on 08/06/2009




If you can afford it, I highly recommend Jack's Harvest (you can order it off Amazon)- really really delicious frozen organic fruits and veggies, my girl loves them! I like them too... great flavors (peas w/mint, sweet potato w/cinnamon, carrots w/ginger, etc...). I mix in some organic whole grain cereal from Happy Bellies (nice sweet taste- better than rice cereal)- so easy and I love to mix and match... it's great if you can make your own, but if you can't- try this! 100% better tasting than any of the jarred baby foods...I can't feed my girl fast enough!

Cassi - posted on 08/01/2009




My doctor recommened we start trying anything that can be mashed with your tongue! My son just turned 7 months on the 30th of July and he eats cheerios, diced grapes, diced peaches, banana's, diced olives, crackers, cheese, baked potato's, baked sweet potato's, some pasta's... pretty much anything! Crumbled breads work good too, like corn bread...

Karen - posted on 08/01/2009




My daughter has refused to eat baby food. I found a great website with lots of recipes.

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