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ok. for some reason I seem to be very interested in birth stories. Weather you have a horrific scary experience or a perfect birth I would love to hear your story. Here is mine:

I had what I think was a very hard pregnancy. I spent 9 months throwing up everything I ate and drank and after I smelt anything yucky or if people got to close to me I would feel claustrophobic and go throw up. In my 8th month I was hospitalized because my iron & potassium levels were so low I was throwing up bile. At first they couldn't figure out what was going on with me. Luckily they kept assuring me that it was just me that was sick and the baby was fine. Finally after 2 days in the hospital I kept screaming every time I drank something.. .this was so painful that I thought I was going to die from just drinking water or juice. They decided that something was wrong in my chest and wanted to do an upper GI... I didn't know what this meant but they explained that they were just going to shove a camera down my throat and take a sample of my stomach and esophagus. Yeah, that sounded like fun. But before they could do that they had to give me a blood transfusion. Which just means give me blood. Apparently I had a really really low blood cell count...Okay so they did all that... luckily they sedated me and I don't remember the whole camera getting shoved down my throat thing. It turned out that I had a hiatal hernia and esophigitis. Yuck. They said that the esophgitis was the pain equivalent to a heart attack. Ouch... I told them I was hurting. I spent a total of 5 days in the hospital and after 7 days of no food they put me on a strict diet. It hurt to eat I had to learn to eat differently small tinny tiny bites and ittys bitty sips of drinks. So after that got under control I begged my doctor to do a c-section and they said I had to wait. My due date was Dec 22nd and on Dec 23rd my water finally broke. My husband started freeking out running like a spaz and calling everyone he knew he was freeking me out... where I was calm and just ready to go for a ride to the hospital. When I got in there they did some tests and I begged and begged for them to give me a c-section which I ended up getting after much much begging. But I am the kind of person that I always get my way. I was so happy with the c-section.. it was the weirdest feeling thing that I have ever done. He was finally born at 11:31 Pm... almost a Christmas eve baby. and finally after what seemed like years of waiting I got to hold my little boy Peyton at 2:30 AM.... he had issues with staying warm so had to stay under heat lamps until he was warm enough to stay with mommy. after all that I can not wait to have another child. This was my first pregnancy so I def know what to expect next time around and alot of the issues I had will be prevented. I still have the hernia which I am hoping goes away one day. Apparently it will take some time..Thanks for listening.


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Krystal - posted on 06/12/2009




i love reading birth stories!! .mine is.. my pregnancy was okay i guess. i had morning sickness the entire pregnancy, but in the end i guess it kept me form gaining a lot of weight.. i only gained 15 lbs.. at 6 weeks i had a threatened miscarriage.. and when i was 29 weeks i had to start working 6 hour days because the baby put so much pressure on my vag that i got varicose veins (i cant remember the medical term for it) so i couldnt be on my feet for 8 1/2 hrs.. which was fine with me because i was very tired during my pregnancy. anyhoo i was due dec. 9th.. and went to work on dec. 4th from 1 -7pm and got home around 7:10.... ate supper and around 8:30 layed in bed.. started having a wierd feeling in my vag.. like a fluttering feeling.. didnt know what it was. .told my fiance about it and he said maybe its a contractino and i said ughh.. doubt it! this baby isnt ever coming!!! lol.. well he fell asleep right after.. and of course i didnt sleep because the fluttering didnt stop.. soon enough i started to feel the "sensation" in my back ... and began to wonder.. if these really were contractions. got up walked around. and at 1:30am woke up fiance to say time to go to the hospital.. my contractions were 3 min apart.. got there at 2... i was only 2-3 cm. GAY!... i walked up and down the stairs at the hospital trying to get my contractions going because around 9 am they were 10 min apart.... they started to come harder and harder. and then i wanted to get in the tub(of course the hosptial didnt have hot water at the moment) i was mad. but thankfully i work there and the kitchen boiled hot water and brought it up for me~!@ i was very thankful! sat in the tub for about 1 hr. from 3-4pm... took one bite of jello and almost threw up and i got really hot and got out of the tub and ran to the bed.. and said.. I HAVE TO PUSH!... sat on the birthing stool which was very comfy and i highly recommend it! and started pushing at 4:10 pm and at 4:31pm my little man Rory Zane was born weighing 7 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long!!! and no i didnt not have an epidural or any other meds.. lol to be honest I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT ALL DRUGS.. lol and by the time i said FUCK THIS I NEED SOMETHING.. it was TOO late! lol.. next time i will be going all natural again.

Janice - posted on 06/12/2009




yikes charlotte!! that's an intense story!!

i had almost the opposite - no throwing up at all. fairly smooth pregnancy except at the very beginning, about 1 week after we discovered i was pregnant, i started bleeding heavily. went to emergency and they couldn't tell me anything (said they couldn't detect a heartbeat at 12 weeks, i of course started freaking out and the stupid doctor just told me to calm down, which made me freak out even more!). anyway, after several days of tests, they finally confirmed that i had a haematoma that was bleeding out, and the fetus was fine.

according to my menstrual cycle, baby was supposed to be due on Dec. 18, but after one of my early u/s the doc said my due date was Dec. 25. anyway, Ethan came on Dec. 11.

when i woke up that morning, there was a bit of spotting. i had a regular check up that morning and told the nurse. she said i should go to the hospital right away, but i said it was really light and so i waited. went home and packed my bags, had lunch, read up a bit on labor signs.... i still wasn't really sure! finally at around 1pm i decided i should head into town where my husband works anyway just in case (we live about 1.5 hours from the hospital). i was having some kind of contractions but not painful ones. by the time i got to the metro station near my home (we live in hong kong where everyone take public transport - very few people have cars), i was pretty sure i was going into real labor so i called my husband to meet me at the other end. as soon as i got into the train (point of no return) the contractions started to hurt. it was a 30 min ride!! i tried to time them but they were about 5-7 min apart from the beginning and i was really confused because i thought they couldn't be that close right from the start!!

anyway, by the time i got into the city, i was in serious pain, like doubled over pain. we took a taxi straight to the hospital and checked in at 2:30pm. they didn't bother checking how dilated i was or anything, just put me on a waiting bed and left me to scream everytime i had a contraction. i asked a nurse when i'm supposed to get the epidural (because it still felt kinda early to me, but i was in some serious pain) and she just said it was up to me = no help at all. after another 2 contractions, i guess they realized i was for real and prepped me for the birthing room. i asked for the anesthesiologist again and this time they said he just went into surgery and won't be out for awhile, and it probably wasn't even worth it because she thought i would go pretty fast. so no epidural for me!!! they had to break my water for me, then came the pushing. the pushing was hard, but i guess overall it wasn't so bad, because Ethan came out at 5pm!! about 4 hours after contractions started!!

the worst part was after though, because i had an extra tear inside somewhere, AND the episiostomy, so 2 sets of stitches, and NO ANESTHESIA!! they gave me a local straight after the birth to do the stitches, but both my legs started cramping real bad, and they couldn't stitch until i stopped. but by the time the cramps passed, so did the local, so i felt everything!! she wasn't the most gentle either.....

but like everyone else, once i got to hold my little guy, nothing else mattered. now that he's 6 months, i barely remember the pain. it's all worth it when i can cuddle and kiss him all the time now!!

Samantha - posted on 06/12/2009




I loved being pregnant. I didn't have any morning sickness. I gained a lot of weight but I moved around quite freely even in the end. I was exactly one week overdue. I awoke at 3:30am Mon. to what I thought were contractions. I slept off and on until 7am. Told my husband when he got up for work. Had a shower so I could start the process off nice and clean. Went for my scheduled ultrasound then headed to the hospital around 2pm. I told the doctor when they checked to see how far along I was to "Give me a 10!" She said I was 8cm and everyone was surprised I was handling it so well. I walked to the birthing room for admission around 4pm. I opted for no drugs. The broke my water shortly after. Then contractions became quite bad. I was able to start pushing by 6:30pm. Just under 1 1/2hours later my beautiful baby girl, Chloe Violet was born. She was stuck once her head came out and they had to give me an episiotomy grab her arm and pull it out. Then work the rest of her out. It was very hectic and very painful. But I would do it again in a heartbeat. I had excess bleeding and we had a longer than usual stay at the hospital. I had to check out on Thurs. and I was able to bring Chloe home the next day. She's an angel whom I love more than anything! I can't wait to have more children!

Liz - posted on 06/11/2009




I was lucky I had a good pregnancy, a bit of morning sickness which was gone by 14 weeks though and carpal tunnel in both hands in my last trimester. Braxton Hicks from about 24 weeks but they were never painful till about 38 weeks.

My labour wasn't so great though. I was 6 days late, it all started fine and then I asked for an epidural about 6 hours in. They told me they had to take some blood and test it as they thought I had pre-eclampsia and if I did they don't give you epidurals. It was really horrid weather (rain and wind) and the power kept cutting out in the labour ward for about a minute before the generator would kick in. So an hour later still no epidural and when my partner asked they told him the power was out in that part of the hospital so they couldn't test it I'd just have to wait but chances are the baby would be out before that happened. Eventually they gave me the epidural after 2 1/2 hours of waiting (I'm apparently a slow dilater) and then I was great! It finally came time to push and I was pushing for just over an hour and still no baby out. Then the doctor came in and told me they were going to do a c-section but I was sooo scared because the power kept cutting out I just kept pushing but still no baby. Eventually I had to agree to the caeser and I got to meet my little baby girl Mahni. Took 19 hours but SO worth every minute :-)

Kasandra - posted on 06/10/2009




Hey i had a rocky pregnancy at the beginning. I couldnt keep anything down for the first 5 months they had to put me on medication.and at around 6-7 months they had to out me on b-12 shots every week for the rest of my pregnancy.I had to spend a couple of night in the hospital because i couldnt keep anything down.I ended up 2 weeks early and having my daughter on christmas!!! I had a very long labour 28 hours and had to deliver her head and hand which was very painful!

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