getting my baby to eat more chucky food

Kasandra - posted on 09/17/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My daughter is just shy of being 9 months old and i'm having a hard time to getting her to get chucky food. she does great ifi give her little here and there but when it comes down to sitting down with her and giving it to her at meal time she doesnt want anything to do with it. any suggestions??


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Jackie - thats what mine did between stage1 and stage 2 - I just put her back to stage one and fed her lots of different textured finger foods - when I tried her with the chunkier stuff a couple of weeks later she was ok :)

Jackie - posted on 09/20/2009




My daughter does great with small pieces of table food and her cereal puffs. But, I just recently tried to switch from stage 2 to stage 3 food which is MUCH chunkier and she wants NOTHING to do wtih it. She does this fake gagging thing on the first couple bites then just pushes the spoon away after that and WILL NOT eat any more. So she knows to chew (and the chunks are so small she doesn't even need to), she just doesn't seem to want to feel the chunks in her mouth. I'm just going to keep trying every week or two, but if anyone else ran into this or has any other ideas please let me know.

Makayla - posted on 09/19/2009




Try things such as small pieces of banana or chunks of peaches. I also will give my son a long chunk of celery. He cant get it all in his mouth and choke but it does promote chewing. Cherios are great. Hard for them to choke on and good for health and teaching. But if your child gets one stuck once dont give up! Just because they may have coughed over one does not mean they will cough over the next if your scared the child will not learn as quickly. Just watch carefully and always keep a sippy cup of water near by. Even as adults we will get a piece of food stuck now and then. Dont be discouraged. Good luck!

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My daughter gagged on her chunckier food at first - but because she didnt like the texture rather anything else. I went back to pureed stuff and gave her large pieces of finger food that she HAD to chew in order to get any of it (like toast, bisuits, fruit, baby corn etc) after that she went onto the chunckeir babyfoods really easily - guess she was happier with a variety of textures then :)

Teresa - posted on 09/17/2009




My nine month old son eats only certain chunky food. When he first started, he choked on tiny carrots...he, too, didn't realize that he had to 'chew' his food, so I stopped for a week or two. I thought he was going to do fine because he already had his two top and bottom teeth. So, I started to eat my meals in front of him, to let him see me chewing my food. He soon picked up on it and began to mimic my action...maybe you'd like to try that with your daughter. Don't worry about her...I think that once she gets use to texture in her food, she'll do fine! Best of luck, Kasandra!

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I am wondering the same thing! My daughter puts a piece of cereal in her mouth and ends up choking on do you get them to realize that chewing is a necessity?!

Michelle - posted on 09/17/2009




Just keep trying!! You may have to make it a little more smooth, but she'll get there!! My daughter is also nine months and we're starting her with more tetured foods. Some things she's ok with and other's she wants nothing to do with!! Maybe she would like to try and do it herself? You could try just giving her a little bit on the tray to her highchair or the table to see what she does with it. Good luck with everything:o)

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