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hey all

so i will be going back to work after 15 months of raising my baby girl!

I hired a full time nanny who is wonderful and isabella allows her to feed, play and put her down for naps.

thing is - when i am home and i put her down for bed - she has started crying as soon as she knows its bed and clings on to me ...

my heart breaks - as i want to stay adn hold her until she sleeps - but she is a frequent night waker - and it was with strict sleep training that i taught her to fall back asleep alone ...

so i am scared that if i am not consistent and still put her to bed awake so she falls asleep alone - a new clingyness will cause her to bellow out screams at all hours for the same level of attention that i would give her to get her to go to bed ...

so for now - am just holding her - soothing her - and putting her down even if she is crying - i leave the room - she cries hard for about 1 minute, hugs her bird - and sleeps

if she wakes up to transition in her sleep - she whails a little - and sleeps

so basically she is no longer happily sleeping - or in a contented state -

do i carry on being persistent?


do i give her the extra love she wants - and hope she goes back to normal ???

advice please guys - am already tired and not started work yet!!!


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Thank You so much Kimberly. Today at nap time she cried 5 minutes - which is totally unusual. So i went in - she was hysterical, i calmed her, put her back down, then she cried 10 mins! i couldnt believe it - i went back - she was almost throwing up - so istayed with her and held her until she slept - she cried even in my arms ... i am so nervous i have just put myself back at square one ... but i didnt know what to do - she has never cried that long or that hysterically ...

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Stick with what you are doing, you have come this far and to give in will put you back at square one. She knows how to fall asleep one her own so that is a good thing. I know it breaks your heart that she cries out but she will be ok. Going back to work is always hard and she could be feeling some of your worry about it making her clingy but also it has to do with her age. I would try giving her extra love and cuddle in the lead up to going to bed, have an extra story or quiet game that gives her your full attention. My daughter is 2.5 and after I work my two days she is always that bit more clingy simply because she has missed me so I make sure we have a big morning cuddle and usually sit back and watch a show she likes. It does get easier as she gets older but like everyone she will have her off days and you will fall into a routine with work and family life as well good luck with it all

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